Z&G E-Pen Senses 16mg/8mg Pod 3pcs/pack


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Sku: TXXCP0001

Color: 8mg Vircinia Tobacco Pod 3Pcs/Pack 8mg Cool Mint 3Pcs/Pack 8mg Coka 3Pcs/Pack 8mg Mixed Berries 3Pcs/Pack 16mg Vircinia Tobacco 3Pcs/Pack 16mg Cool Mint 3Pcs/Pack 16mg Coka 3Pcs/Pack 16mg Mixed Berries 3Pcs/Pack
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Z&G Pod is specially designed for Sense E-pen which is one of the great annual works of Swiss brand Z&G, they are famous for producing high quality E-cigarette products. Its quality is obviously much better than local making ones. The product safety and reliability are regarded as first core in their design principle, their products have never the defects such as oil or electricity leak or oil blast. It is safe to use!

Flavor: Coka/Mixed Berries/Vircinia Tobacco/Cool Mint

Z&G E-Pen Senses 16mg/8mg Pod 3pcs/pack Package Includes:
3 * Pod