WINTEl GQ EIF Rambo Smart E-Cigarette Kit


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Weight: 0.40kg

Sku: RamboEIF

Color: Red Yellow Gold

Smokers know that smoking is harmful but hard to quit. Rambo wizard makes you simple to quit smoking. More smoke a lambo spirit less smoke a cigarette. Life is the most expensive luxury!
Global Taste, Enjoy lamborghini luxury.
Product design ideas from the Italian royal designers.
Product built structure completed by a number of top industrial design masters.
Product tech-extension by LV luggage hardware supplier, 24K gold vacuum plated surface
Filling the atmosphere with the nobility of Rambo elves.

Touch switch 5 times in 2 seconds to turn on/off
Low voltage protection, overcharge protection, long suction overtime protection
4ml oil value experience
Blue technology light, give us a cool feeling

WINTEl GQ EIF Rambo Smart E-Cigarette Kit Features and Specs:
Smoke Oil Capacity: 4ml
Heating wire material: Nickel-chromium Alloy
Heating wire resistance: 1.5Ohm
Bttery Capacity: 700mAh(Polymer tungsten battery)
Product Size: 104.5*40*14.3mm
Flue-cured tobacco type: mellow rich
Mixed type: fragrant and vigorous
No tar makes you healthier

WINTEl GQ EIF Rambo Smart E-Cigarette Kit Package Includes:
1 * Main Part
1 * Pod cover
1 * Atomizer Tank
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual