UD Coil Mate V2 Tool Kit


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Weight: 0.40kg

Sku: UDOAT0005

Color: Black Camo

UD has released their next big coil kit! The UD Coil Mate is an all-in-one coiling kit featuring everything you will need to build even the craziest of coils! You get everything from ceramic tip tweezers, curved pliers, all the way to even the coil and cotton and a bag to hold it all! The UD Coil Mate V2 is definitely the “mate” for you and your coils!

UD Coil Mate V2 Tool Kit Features and Spec:
size: 140mm*190mm

UD Coil Mate V2 Tool Kit Package:
1 x 30ml PE plastic e liquid juice bottle
1 x Cotton & wire set
1 x Scissors
1 x Bent needle nose pliers
1 x CVS cutter pliers
1 x Elbow tweezers
1 x Ceramic tip tweezers
1 x All in One