Tesla Nano 120W Starter Kit with Tallica Mini Tank 4ml (New Version)

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Weight: 0.50kg

Sku: ZYPST0011

Color: Black Bronze Copper Stainless Steel
Battery (Optional):
Coil Head (Optional):

Note: The new Tesla Nano 120W Kit comes with the Tesa Nano 120w Mod and Tallica Mini Tank, but not the Tesla H8 tank anymore.

Steampunk style, slim appearance and high performance - yes, this is the Teslacigs Nano 120W starter kit that will bring you unexpected surprises. Nano 100W is an excellent choice for all types of spotlights. Now, after more than a year of pregnancy, the Nano 120W is suitable. It uses two 18,650 batteries with high drainage and has a maximum power of 120 watts. Features like zinc alloy housing, bright OLED screen, toggle switch and TC / TCR / VW mode. In addition, several new features have been added to the Nano 120W, such as a memory function, innovative taste control and a custom mode. If you are the type that loves powerful and retro devices, then there is no reason not to take the Nano 120W!

Tesla Nano 120W TC Starter Kit - a full-featured ultra-compact package of the Tesla Nano 120W Box Mod. This is an upgrade of the Tesla Nano 100W TC starter kit, which can trigger up to an impressive 120 watts. Obviously, the Tesla Nano 120W Starter Kit is the main daily compact device and valuable collection for all monograms.

STYAMPUNK STYLE: Nano 120W combines many elements of steampunk to enhance the retro texture of the metal. This sophisticated equipment design represents art and culture. Undoubtedly, this is not only a box, but also a work of art.

TOGGLE SWITCH DESIGN: With a toggle switch, you can easily or easily turn on the Nano 120W. You no longer need to press the button five times to turn on / off the device, which significantly increases your turnaround time.

120 W POWER: it supports VW / TC / TCR mode, and the maximum output power can reach 120 W, which provides a cloud of steam and good taste of juice.
INNOVATIVE TASTE CONTROL: A total of four flavors are customized to meet the different needs of users. Normal / soft / hard / custom mode, always there for you.

USER MODE: In accordance with the personal, it allows users to configure the operating frequency range up to 10 seconds of output power. Only ten histograms mean up to 10 s output power. Each histogram means increasing power by 1 second, press the up / down button to adjust the current power, press the fire button to go to the next histogram When you are done setting up, “TEST”, “RESET” or “OK” will appear on the screen. (Custom mode can only be used in KA mode)

TC / TCR / KA modes: the maximum temperature is adjustable between 200 ° F and 600 ° F (100 ° C-300 ° C), and the resistance of the sprayer works from 0.05 to 1.0 Ohm (TC / TCR mode) or 0, 1 ohm to 3.0 ohm (KA mode). Thanks to the new TCR function (Temperature coefficient of resistance) available on the device, you can adjust the temperature control coils (Ni200 / Ti / SS316) yourself.
MEMORY FUNCTION: saving the current settings in the memory mode, including: power mode / TCR / temperature / output / taste mode, you can set three groups of data.

NEW BATTERY COATING DESIGN: The Nano 120W battery cover is designed with 4 air vents, silver positive and negative terminals have high electrical conductivity. Easy to replace batteries without tools. Along with a visible and transparent indication of the battery installation and protection of the insulation layer, users can feel safe every time they use this mod.

BATTERY WARNINGS: Please do not use the battery with insulation damage in any Teslacigs products and place the batteries in the device in the correct directions. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of low-quality battery.

MULTIPLE PROTECTIONS: The Nano 120W has many protections built into the chipset, for example, when inflating, low voltage, no spray warning, reverse connection and short spray protection.
EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE: Teslacigs has been committed to innovative products and product quality over the years, but never ignored packaging design.

CIRCUIT DESIGN: A schematic diagram will help you better understand the structure of the product.

CONE-LIKE DRIP TIP: the cone-shaped tip for drops makes the RDTA arrow cooler, and its material uses an environmentally friendly and high-quality plastic material that can provide you with a cloud of steam.

Tesla Nano 120W Starter Kit Features and Specifications:
Tesla Nano 120W Mod
Size: 90 * 55 * 25 mm
Material: Zinc Alloy (Die Cast)
Cell type: two high-frequency cells 18650 (discharge current must be above 30 A)
Thread Type: 510 thread
Weight: 250 g
Display: 0.91 "OLED
Output mode: KA / TC-Ti / TC-Ni200 / TC-SS316 / TCR mode
Output power: 7-120 W (in 0.5 W increments)
Maximum output voltage: 9 V
Maximum output current: 35A
Taste Mode: Normal / Soft / Hard / User
Mermory mode: M1 / M2 / M3
Resistance range: 0.1-3.0 ohms for VW mode
0.05-1.0 ohms for Ti / Ni 200 / SS316 mode
Temperature range: 100-300 ℃ / 200-600 ℉

Tallica Mini Tank
Tank capacity: 4 ml
Coil resistance: 0.18 ohm
Connection: 510

Kit Tesla Nano 120W Kit:
1 x Tesla Nano 120W TC Box Mod
1 x Tallica Mini Tank (TS-XX 0.18ohm coil)
1 x User Manual
Spare parts