SMY Pluscig V10 Heat Not Burn Kit

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Weight: 0.25kg

Sku: SMYHB0003

Color: Black White Pink Blue

Pluscig V10 is Latest starter kit of Pluscig, it is more convenience and easy to control stater Kit. No burning, low temperature baking, general IQOS heet. Exquisite workmanship, fashionable and beautiful colors. Push the button up and down, easy to operate. Intelligent vibration prompt.

Heating Time: 3 minute 30 seconds. If there is no operation within 10 minutes, V10 will shut down automatically.
High End Mian Chip-Full Protection: Overcharge protection, low voltage protection and short circuit protection.
Cleaning Method: Remove cartridges holder and heat shield, use a cotton swab to chean.

Functional Operation Introduction
1. Put the cigarette into cartridages holder
2. Push "On", starting turn on and heating, indicator light flashes during heating
3. When the heating is finished, the vibration is reminded, now you can smoke
4. Smoking time: 3 minutes 30 seconds,
5. If you want to smoke again, please push "off", and Do it gaain as above

SMY Pluscig V10 Heat Not Burn Kit Features and Specs:
Material: Stainless steel
Dimention/size: 136*14mm
Battery Type: The lithium battery
Battery Capacity:900mAh
Charge Time: 1.5-2 Hours
Voltage Range: 3.3V~4.1V
Temp Range: 240-260℃
Standby Current: 1.5uA
Output Mode: DC
Maximum Charging Current:0.8A
Maximum Output Current: 7A
Coil Resistance: 0.7-1.1 Ohm
Filling type: Top, Bottom, Beside

SMY Pluscig V10 Heat Not Burn Kit Package Includes:
1 * battery body
1 * atomizer without cartridge
1 * Mic USB charger
1 * Cotton swab
1 * Manual
1 * Warranty Card
1 * Gift box