SMPO MT Pod Cartridge 4pcs/Pack


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Weight: 0.25kg

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Taste: Flue-cured Mint Original Melon Ice Nut Tobacco Strawberry Green Tea
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SMPO MT POD Cartridge has been released to pair with the tank. SMPO MT Cartridge has three flavors--Mint, Tobacco, Flue-cured. You can choose one of these tastes to meet your needs. The tobacco taste is close to real cigarette taste and you can really have an e-cig experience. SMPO MT Cartridge has a 1.7ml e-juice capacity to support you for a few hours. The whole package includes 4 cartridges. Compared with the original e-juice, you can not reuse this e-juice. You only fill the e-juice into this small device and use it once. It is quite clean and safe.

Note: There is a Chinese lable on the box.

SMPO MT Pod Cartridge 4pcs/Pack Features and Specs:
5% Nicotine salts
3 flavors for your selection
4 tobacco cartridges/Pack
Cartridge Capacity: 1.7ml
Cartridge Flavor: Mint, Tobacco, Flue-cured

SMPO MT Pod Cartridge 4pcs/Pack Package Included:
1 * 4pcs Tobacco Cartridge