Shanlaan Laan Pod Cartridge

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Weight: 0.25kg

Sku: LAAAT0001

Pod Type: Laan THC Pod Disposable 1pcs/pack Laan Pod 4pcs/Pack +$5
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Thanks to the modular design, Laan pod is not only 100% non-leak but also the easiest pod to be loaded and replaced by far. Laan refillable pod allows you to enjoy any e-liquid you like, while Laan pre-fillable concentrate pods are filled by the best American concentrate manufacturers.

Shanlaan Laan pod Cartridge Features and Specs:
Concealed Pod
Sub-ohm Coil
ELiquid Capacity: 2ml
Coil: 0.2Ohm, 0.5Ohm CBD/THC Ceramic Coil

Shanlaan Laan pod Cartridge Package Includes:
1 Laan THC Pod or 4 Laan Pod