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Feedback and Earn Reward Points

Thank you for your continuous support to Urvapin. We always strive for providing you maximum convenience and tailor-made services. So we'll upgrade our server this week(7th.May-13th.May.2018). 
If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us by email(Info@urvapin.com), any useful feedback will help us to continually improve the standard of shopping experiences and services offered to all our guests. Of course, you'll get 100 to 500 reward points according to their magnitudes of importance
Thanks in adavance!

Win Reward Points! You spend and we return!

How to win reward points?

1. Every dollar you spend on Urvapin, +1 reward point
2. Create a new account on Urvapin, +500 reward points.
3. Like Urvapin Facebook Page, +20 reward points
4. Share Urvapin official website on Facebook page, +20 reward points
5. Follow Urvapin Instagram (urvapinofficial), +20 reward points
6. Share Urvapin official website on Instagram, +20 reward points
7. Follow Urvapin Twitter (@urvapin), +20 reward points
8. Share Urvapin official website on Twitter, +20 reward points
9. Share Urvapin official website on Google Plus, +20 reward points
10. Successfully recommend a friend to create account on Urvapin, +10 reward points.
11.Leave your comment for a product and once it's passed, +5 reward points.

Note: If your recommended friends order from Urvapin, every dollar they spend on Urvapin will also earn you 1 reward point!

How to use reward point?

You need to have an account on Urvapin at first. Once your action is completed,reward points will be added to your account accordingly. 1 point equals to 0.01 dollar. Your points can be used for your orders from Urvapin, but can not be used to offset the fee of shipping.

100 points = 1 dollar (Reward points used should not be over 5% of your order amount. )


If you have any question regarding Urvapin’s reward point policy, contact us online or via email support@urvapin.com for information.