LTQ Demon Killer Rosin Press Machine KP-1

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Weight: 11.50kg

Sku: LTQCA0001

Plug: US Plug EU Plug

Features of LTQ Demon Killer Rosin Press Machine KP-1:
1. Plug in the power cord and turn on the power switch
2. Adjust the operating temperature, press and hold the temperature control table's increase button is not loose, until the temperature is added to the required temperature, let go, the heating tube will automatically heat to the set temperature, the recommended temperature is 220℉
3. Wrap the flower body with baking paper and put it in the middle of the heating plate. Press the handle several times to squeeze the upper and lower heating plates into place, stop for 30s, wait for oil.
4. The left-handed rotation of the bleed value is venting force, and must be turned to the right before rolling.
5. Collect the extruded paste using the collection tool.

Specifications of LTQ Demon Killer Rosin Press Machine KP-1:
Size: 195*130*312mm
Using Voltage: 90-120V 220-240V
Machine Power: 200W (100W per heating tube, a total of two heating tubes)
Hot Pressomg Table Size: 115mm*120mm

Packing list of LTQ Demon Killer Rosin Press Machine KP-1:
1x Rosin Press Machine (KP-1)
1x Power Cable
6x Sticker
1x Stainless Steel Dab Tool (A)
1x Silicone Box
1x User Manual
10x Baking Paper
4x Magnet