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Avatar Vapenut (AVN-1) is an intelligent hardware device for e-cig vapor detection and elimination, produced by Joyetech. It has built-in smoke sensor that can detect vapor density in real time, adjust intelligently fan speed for efficient removal of e-cig vapor, and bring more fun for e-cigaretteusers. The VapeNut features several mode that vary the speed and rate of filtration according to the density. The VapeNut air purifier can be used both indoors and in cars.

    • Auto mode: the indicator light will change colors according tot the vapor concentration in the air. Very low concentration green, Low concentration Yellow, Medium concentration Orange, High concentration Red;
      Manual mode: you can control the fan speed by touching the ON/OFF/SPEED button, customizing your own purifying experience.

VapeNut, a fashionable and ingenious air purifier, aims to offer pure and fresh air to vapers.

Joyetech Avatar VapeNut air purifier Features & Spec:
Model: AVN-1
Dimensions: 200 x 121mm
Applicable Space: ≤ 10m³
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Current: 0.1A - 1.0A
Power consumption: max 12w
Noise: Less than 50dB

Joyetech Avatar VapeNut air purifier Package:
1 x VapeNut Vapor Filter (Air Filter Pre-Installed)
1 x Spare Air Filter (longevity: 3 to 6 months/Do not wash)
1 x DC12V Adapter
1 x Car Adapter
1 x Quick Guide Manual

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