Envii Fitt 650mAh AIO Starter Kit

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Weight: 0.40kg

Sku: ENIST0001

Liquid Taste: Tobacco Cream Menthol Fruit

The Envii Fitt AIO Starter Kit is a brand new portable vape system that utilizes pre-filled e-liquid pods that are easily swapped out. Unlike similar setups, this starter kit can be used with a puff sensor or by pressing the fire button.
With dimensions of 75mm x 43mm x 20mm, the Fitt features a tiny form factor for easy storage in the pocket or purse. With rounded edges, it was designed to look modern and to be ergonomic. A hole at the bottom allows you to add the device to your keychain or you may attach a lanyard. At the top of the kit, there’s a rubber drip tip that was designed by Envii and is proprietary.
The all-in-one system features a 650mAh capacity battery that is charged via the USB port. An LED indicator detects current battery level and can be turned to stealth mode for inconspicuous use. The battery is unregulated so power depends solely on the cell’s charge level.

Envii Fitt Cream Starter Kit: Cannoli Be One (Cassadaga), D’nish (D’nish Liquids), Game Over (Flawless) and The Milk (Teleos)
Envii Fitt Menthol Starter Kit: Ez Duz It On Ice (Ruthless), Frozen Tundra (E-liq cube), Hard Apple Mint (Brewell) and WTF Ice (O.M.G.)
Envii Fitt Fruit Starter Kit: Krankberry (Fuzion), Kiberry (Kilo), Still Sippin’ (Flawless) and WTF (O.M.G.)
Envii Fitt Tobacco Starter Kit: Original Blend (Brewell), PRY4 (Charlie Noble), Screwbacco (The Steam Factory) and VCT (Ripe Vapes)

Envii Fitt 650mAh AIO Starter Kit Features & Spec:
Measurements: 75mm x 43mm x 20mm
Tiny and portable
User friendly
Modern design with rounded chassis
Hang on keychain or lanyard
Unique rubber drip tip
Utilizes convenient pre-filled 3.2ml e-liquid pods
Kit includes four pods
Choose either tobacco, menthol, cream or fruit flavor with purchase
Many more flavors to be released
Magnetic e-liquid pod door for easy swapping
Sensor activates device when puffed or press fire button
Easily detect & change modes
LED light for battery level with optional stealth setting
Unregulated device
650mAh battery
1 amp micro USB charging
Micro USB cable included

Envii Fitt 650mAh AIO Starter Kit Package:
1 * Envii device
1 * USB charging cable
4 * flavored pods