It is sure that pod-system electronic cigarette has become a well-liked product line in the electronic cigarette industry.

Pod-system electronic cigarette is portable, light-weighted, convenient, and need no operation at all. Most important, it’s a nice substitute for traditional cigarette.

A brand new product to share with you here--Z&G Senses Kit


Inhalation Style: Air Switch

Intake Substances: Nicotine Salt

Product Colors: Hermese orange, Gucci green, Cool black

Charging: USB fast charging style, full charging on 20 minutes

Product status: e-pen device & atomizer

Product Length: Device 84mm, Atomizer 40mm

Nicotine Volume: 8mg/ 16mg

E-liquid taste: Virginia tobacco, mixed barriers, coca-cola

Battery capacity: 350mah


1* E-pen device

2*E-pen atomizer (1* 16mg Virginian tobacco, 1* Mint 8mg)

1* Instruction for use

1* USB charger cable


Z & G Senses Kit is packed in a white box with the product picture on it. Inside of the box, it contains the E-pen device on the first layer, and two pods together with a USB cable under it.

Z & G Senses Kit is very similar to Vladdin Kit and SMPO Kit. It is composed of a pod and a battery part. The battery part is made of skin-like material, giving it a pretty nice hand feel. Z & G Senses Kit totally have three colors for choice, green, black and orange.

No button on the device at all. To start vaping, you just vape from the mouth piece on the top.

On the device, there is the sign on the device and an indicator light on it. When it is functions, the indicator light will be on.


On the two sides, there are two venting pores.

The USB port is at the bottom.

To satisfy the taste of different vapers, Z&G Senses Kithas three different flavored pods (or E-pen atomizer), Virginia tobacco, mixed barriers, coca-cola. 

If you are looking for a pod-system kit, this one is highly recommended with excellent performance and good price.

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