Single-coil means simpler operation, purer flavor and more compatible with different coils.

The brand Wotofo is the leader in the field of researching and

developing single-coil RTA (serpent, alto and etc.) Today I bring you a new product Viper RTA released by Wotofo.

I believe many vapers have such experience: you have just bought a pair of fancy coils and hurried to install them onto the atomizer. But no matter how hard you try, you just cannot make two coils heat simultaneously. This problem often caused by the coil locking structure of the electrodes. (excluding the situation that the coils are manufactured irregularly or the coil ends are cut unevenly). This is pretty embarrassing.

In such a situation, a single-coil atomizer can solve your problem. It can help you save two coils that can not be used on dual-coil atomizers. The newly added liquid passage locking design can completely free you of the trouble of leaking.


OK, enough. Let’s start the review of Wotofo Viper RTA!



It adopts the traditional drawer-style package of Wotofo. There are two layers inside of the package. On the upper layer, there is an atomizer and a spare glass tube. On the lower layer, there is an accessory bag, inside of which, there are two finished coils (dual-coil Clapton coil), a bag of cotton, a T-shaped screw-driver and some o-rings and screws.




The body is totally in black. When matching the yellow color pei drip tip and the metal-colored dots on the upper parts and the lower parts, it will not look too dark. The Wotofo Logo on the atomizer also makes a little bit cool (well, everyone has its own ideas on appearance.)


--Breakdown Structure--

The structure of atomizer is comparatively simple and can be disassembled into drip tip (integrated with top cap), atomizing space and refilling ring, glass tube, electrode base, and inflow adjusting ring. The five parts are connected closely and will not leak because of tolerance. The thread of every parts are well matched and it’s simple for disassembling and cleaning.

 -- Detailed Annotation--

Wotofo has made lots of progress in details. Firstly, the cap-shaped PEI drip tip can ensure a very good insulation effect and can prevent being burned by the high heat from atomization space.

The sealing ring at the filling loop is at a low position which can avoid adding too much pressure into the atomization space. The arc of dome in the atomization space is very smooth and can well compress the vapor. That is to say, the flavor will be much denser. The round decoration loop on the filling loop can increase the friction force.


The edge of the glass tube is very round and bright. Its workmanship is pretty good. After installation, the gross liquid capacity is about 3ml.


At the base of the electrode deck, there is a very practical function to lock the liquid from leaking (No worry about leakage any more). In picture 1, the lock is open. In picture 2, the lock is close. There are two electrodes and two holes. Both the diameter of the locking hole and the space between the two electrodes can satisfy most of the fancy coils in the present market. The low position of the liquid guiding tank enable this atomizer can suck up the last drop in the tank.

The electrode screw at the bottom of the atomizer is protruding and is safe enough to work with mech mods.


--Operation Demonstration--


It’s not complicated to install ordinary coils. You just need to insert the coils into the electrodes. As long as the coils is right above the inlet holes, you can lock the screws. Then you can use the wire rod to set the coils right and cut the coil ends, let’s start burning the coils.


Since it’s a single-coil atomizer, there is no need to worry if the coils will heat at the same time or not. Therefore, burning coils is comparatively simple on this atomizer. With regard to the length of the liquid guiding cotton, you just need to leave it long enough to touch the edge of the base. Since the liquid guiding passage is compressed in the middle, when making the liquid guiding cotton, you might as well thin the cotton to avoid a too low speed of liquid guiding.

Pictures above shows the opening and closing of the liquid passage. After installing the glass tube, you only need to spin it to open or close the liquid passage. Very simple!


--Disadvantages and Advantages--

After the cotton is thinned, its liquid guiding effect is worth approving. But when I use fancy coils on it, the liquid guiding speed is a little bit slow. When you take a deep puff direct to lung, the coils burn sometime. If you don’t take a too long puff, this problem can be avoided.

The layering and the reduction degree of the liquid are all very good. When you use ordinary coils, the flavor is not very dense. This problem can be solved by partly closing the inlet holes.


The drip tip and top cap are both designed exquisitely. There is completely no need to worry about that it might burn mouth or the condensation might flow into mouth. Of course, the irreplaceable drip tip is the pain of some vapers.

The liquid passage can be closed and when it’s combined with the structure of the glass tube, it can save some liquid when it’s leaking. (caused when the cotton is not well inserted). What you need to do is to shut down the liquid passage and invert the atomizer to unscrew the base, then reinsert the cotton and screw the base back to the atomizer.

The round spots on the atomizer can easily accumulate dust which is not very easy to clean. If you disassemble the atomizer to flush it under water, this problem can be solved.

When you close the top cap, you need to pay attention that since the direction to open the liquid passage and the direction to close the top cap are the same, you will need to handle the glass tube to stabilize the liquid passage to avoid opening the liquid when close the top cap.


--Performance Test--

Supposing the full score is 4.

General Data (0.6 Kanthal A1 coils, 3.0 circle diameter, 6 circles, 0.4Ω) 3.7V

Flavor performance: reduction degree 3, fullness degree 2, layering 2, density 3.


Vapor effect under general data. You can see the vapor volume is very considerable.

(0.32 wire diameter Kanthal A1 coil, 3 circle diameter, duplex winding 6 circles, 0.64Ω) Under 3.7V, its flavor performance as follows: reduction degree 4, fullness degree 4, layering 4, density 1(when close half of the inlet holes, it can be scored 3).

The vapor volume under the data 0.32 wire diameter with duplex winding. You can see the vapor volume is comparatively thin, but it’s still huge.


When using Rhinoceros finished dual-coil with Clapton wires, flavor performance under 3.7V: reduction degree 3, fullness degree 2, layering 3, density 3.

When using Rhinoceros finished dual-coil with Clapton wires, the vapor volume is not very big and is just the same as that produced by the coil of 0.32 wire diameter.

When the Clapton coil is fired under 3.7v, the flavor performance: reduction degree 4, fullness degree 2, layering 3, density 4 (if you take deep puffs continuously, it burns easily).

When using Clapton single-coil, the vapor volume is huge with high density. Pretty good!



There appeared some problems in actual use, though these problems hardly appear in daily use. (such as long-time direct-to-lung). From all aspects, this atomizer can not be well compatible with ordinary coils, that is to say, only duplex winding coils or fancy coils can produce a comparatively good flavor.

As a whole, Wotofo Viper RTA is very adaptable to the new vapers who just enters the field of DIY. They can try as many datum as they want. Low cost for learning!

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