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<p >The package of Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA adopts the Wotofo-styled package, the colorful printing drawer-styled paper box.
But for this time, its box gives me a different feeling. It really looks like a box of cigarettes, doesn’t it? I really like this design, and the gorgeous colors are pretty charming. <p >[Unpacking]

 When opening the lid, better to say when pulling out the box, the first thing you see is the Wotofo’s little card and the no-need-to-read instruction book of the atomizer.
My first impression when pulling out the box is “considerate manufacturer”. There a three glass tubes in total, among which, two are for replacement. The manufacturer is considerate, isn’t it?
In the main layer, there is a PEI drip tip, two replaceable glass tube and an atomizer.

 When you take off the main layer, you will see a bag of cotton, a bag of spare rings and a screws,  a bag of heating wires and a screw driver.

When you install the drip tip onto the atomizer, they looks pretty coordinated with each other and the workmanship is also pretty nice. Some vapers might ask that what’s the difference between it and the ADVKEN CP RTA. Just take your time to read the content below.   <p >
<p >The atomizer can be disassembled into 6 parts, including drip tip, top cap for filling, atomizer tube, glass tube, base and the air adjusting ring.

<p >The edge of the drip tip is well processed and is very round. The heating insulation capacity of the PEI material is pretty good. <p >The pictures above shows its funnel-shaped inner wall, and the processing of the inner wall is pretty smooth. The best 510 drip tip with a big caliber that I have used so far can be discussed from several points below. <p >The first point is the height of the drip tip. The heights of many resin 510 drip tips are too low, resulting a bad mouth feeling. But, the height of Serpent SMM drip tip is very suitable. The Second is the thickness of the drip tip. It is neither too thin or too thick. The third is its funnel shape to prevent condensation. The fourth is the polishing of the drip tip, whether it is round and smooth.
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  <p >On the external part of the top cap, there is an oblique angle. The processing of the edge is not very round and smooth. When you touch it slightly, it’s a little bit sharp but doesn’t influence the hand feeling.

The internal part of it is different to the top cap of other atomizers. There are three layers and two rings. The sealing is pretty good.

<p >The atomizer tube is very average at my first sight. The “serpent smm” is carved on it and the polishing is also good. All in all, it’s very similar to the CP atomizer, but pay attention to the details.
First, look at picture 1, the arc of the rounded angle is considerably big, which is for the reflux condensation.
Second, look at picture 2, the height of the airflow tube is very short, which can expedite the vapor to enter into the mouth, retaining the temperature of the vapor and the taste of the liquid after vaporization.
Third, look at picture 3, there are two gathering designs. At the same time, the diameter of the air tube is smaller than the CP atomizer, so the vapor is more concentrated and the flavor is much denser.
The details above are the biggest difference between SMM and CP. Below are some other differences between SMM and CP. <p >

The glass tube succeeds the consistent thickness and consistent rounded edge of Serpent series.

The base of Wotofo Serpent SMM is my favorite base among GTAs.  
First, there are two electrode posts and four holes on the base. No matter you wind the coil in either direction, you can well install it.
Second, the cross-screwdriver is very good for using. (wear-resisting and easy for screwing)
Then, there are four outlets. Seemingly the air blows the coil from the side, actually, it’s not. We will talk about it later. Next, you can insert the cotton into the holes directly, no need to adjust the position as you might have to do on the CP atomizer, which is very easy for using. <p >At last, there is an air inlet hole at each side and the two holes are not connected, bringing a big space in the middle.

The designer makes a rational use of this space for reserving the liquid, making it different from many other RTAs and GTAs in the market.


Next, we can talk about the second difference between wotofo serpent smm rta and CP atomizer, that is, the way how the airflow blows the coil via the air inlets. The air inlet of CP is at the bottom and the airflow only blows the bottom of the coil. However, the airflow blows the coil of the Serpent SMM tridimentionally. By adjusting the coil, you can see the upper air inlet is facing the middle and the side of the coil. And the air inlet at the bottom is facing the bottom of the coil. That is to say, the coil gets blew by airflow from three directions. In this way, the taste will be better and the vaporized vapor will also increase.
The most direct embodiment is that the unit density of the vapor increases greatly. In fact, a few atomizers have adopted such an outlet design.
But I have to say, there is no such an atomizer of which the air inlet condensation is good enough by bottom inflow. Why is that? It’s because when you finish using the atomizer, the temperature of the coil is still high enough to vaporize the liquid and then the vapor will sink into the air hole thus forming the condensation.  
Good news is that Serpent SMM RTA can well avoid it, since there is no air holes at the bottom. The air holes are on the side, and there is some distance between the air holes on the side and the bottom. When using the atomizer, if you shake the it, the condensation will touch the cotton at the ends, thus you will not see the condensation at the air inlets. <p > 

At the reverse side of the base, there is the gold-plated electrode and some information such as the Logo.

The inlet ring of this Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA is detachable. There are slots on it, thus it will not rotate 360-degree. At the same time, it can well help disassemble and clean the atomizer.


I believe many vapers have the CP atomizer. In the light of taste, Wotofo serpent SMM RTA is much denser than CP, the vapor is very rich and the reduction degree of the vapor is much higher.

  1. Creative design
  2. Excellent taste
  3. Much shorter than CP

<p >Weaknesses:

  1. The base is hard to clean and the liquid tank below is hard to reach for cleaning.
  2. The resolution degree is very ordinary, similar to that of Merlin Mini.

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