Brief Introduction: Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA is designed jointly by Wotofo and Suck My Mod.

It seems that Serpent (Snake) has become the mascot of the brand of Wotofo. Lots of products by Wotofo is named after Serpent, such as the well-known single-coil RTA Serpent Mini. The RTA just released jointly by Wotofo and Suck My Mod is also named after Serpent SMM RTA.


Inside of the package, there are two spare glass tubes and regular spare sealing rings, screws and three Clapton wires. The instruction book of SMM RTA is thick and the workmanship of Wotofo SMM RTA still remains the fine quality of Wotofo.


SMM RTA is designed for single coil and belongs to the same category as the well-known Serpent Mini RTA. Some vapers asked why they felt it quite hollow to vape on Serpent Mini RTA. The reason is very simple actually. The explosiveness produced by the coil will have an influence on how you feel when sucking. This can well explain why SMM RTA includes the Clapton coils in the packing list. It’s because if single-wired coils are adopted, the taste will be very different from that of fancy coils.


The SMM RTA with a diameter of 24MM succeed the big capacity of the Troll RTA. Surprisingly, this short RTA has an eliquid capacity of 4ml. Later on we will disassemble this RTA to explore more details of it.


Surrounding the air inlets, there has been processed by chamfering technique. The air inlet ring can be disassembled separately. When the air inlet is opened by 50%-100%, the resistance to suction is not very obvious. If you only observe the position of the air inlets, will you think this is a RTA with bottom airflow system.


RTA is normally made of four components which are easy for cleaning and maintenance. The connection between the glass tube and the atomization tube is very steady. If you need to replace the coil or the cotton, when there is still some liquid left in the liquid tank, SMM RTA is supportable for replacing the coil.


The drip tip is slightly polished and the connection is 510 type. The diameter of upper part of the inner wall is much bigger than that of the bottom part. After using, you will find the inner wall is full of condensation liquid. What you need to do with the condensation is just to wipe them with paper towel regularly. No condensation will be sucked into mouth, benefiting from the special design of the inner wall.


SMM is a RTA featured with single coil and side airflow system. Four flat-shaped inlets allow the air to blow from the two sides for heat dissipating. Four coil locking positions can satisfy different coil locking methods. At the same time, it can not only lock the fancy coils, flat coils and other types of coils with thick coil ends, but also lock the single-wired coil 24G/22G tightly.


Its electrode deck is quite simple for building coils. Apart from the convenient design for locking the coils, it’s also quite convenient for plugging in the cotton. What you need to do is just to plug some cotton into the two round filling holes. Such impending electrode deck hardly have the problem of leakage.


Various fancy coils can best match this SMM RTA, especially the Clapton coils with stereometric vaporization effect are the top choices for SMM RTA in daily use.  But this SMM RTA is not only limited by coils. If you use single-wired coils with big diameter, the sucking resistance will not be hollow.


Its sucking resistance is much smoother than expectation. The vapor density even produced by single-wired coil is very full. If you feel the temperature of the atomizer is very high, you can decrease the circles of the wires or adjust the output wattage. There is no obvious defects when it’s in use.


Single coil is of extreme convenience. Single-coil RTA using fancy coils can improve the density of vapor. At the same time, the impending electrode deck with great recognition degree brings the excellent experiences of convenient operation and reliable refilling. If the previous Serpent Mini gets great popularity on Instagram, then Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA will be an up-rising star in the coming future.

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