Wismec is not among the first brands emerging in the market. In recent two years, I think it has developed into a very successful and well-know brand both at home and abroad. Today I will bring you the Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 released by Wismec brand.

Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 adopts a all black hat box with a profile of the Wismec Reuleaux Gen3 Kit on the cover. At the bottom of the package, there is the security code for checking its authenticity. Well, here I can assure you that Urvapin never sells fake or clone products. All our products are original and authentic.

When you open the hat box, you will see a Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 mod on the inter-layer. Inside of the hat cover, there is a thin piece of sponge sticking onto it for protecting the box mod. Under the inter-layer, there are the contents, including the 2ml Gnome Atomizer, a spare glass tube, a spare drip tip, a wm03 Triple 0.2ohm coil head, two warranty cards and two user manual(t11 different languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Japanese)

Gnome atomizer has a liquid capacity of 2ml. It adopts a pei drip tip which is known for its good heat insulation function. It features a top fill system which is quite convenient for refilling. To refill the liquid, you just push the pei drip tip to show the fill hole. The airflow system is at the bottom. The airflow comes into the tank from the bottom and flow in the tank to bring the vapor out from the drip tip.

Gnome atomizer can be disassembled into five parts, drip tip, top cap, glass tube, coil head and base. See picture above.


Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 succeeds the style of Wismec, coming in a very mechanical appearance and with mixed color scheme. It’s supposed to power buy three 18650 batteries and can power to a maximum 300watt. Here I want to give a hint. The coils in the package is not adaptable for 300watts. If you fire it up to 300watt with the two give coils, it will definitely shorten the life span of the coils. It might be a pity for those huge vapor chaser that the manufacturer doesn’t include a coil of super low resistance inside of the package.

The LED screen of Reuleaux RX Gen3 shows detailed information and the size of the screen and the layout of the information, I can say without exaggeration, surpasses nearly all the mods in the market. The fire button and the adjustment buttons are just like those of the mainstream products, three for all.

The panel of the battery compartment is in a different color from the other parts of the mod. At the two sides, you can see the gaps for emitting the heat. To open the battery cover, you can push to open it. In the inner side of the cover, you can see the pole designation on it and also two lines of venting holes for emitting heat.

After vaping it for a whole day, my opinion on this kit is below.


  1. It doesn’t burn very hot even I kept vaping on it for a whole day.
  2. Its flavor reduction degree is pretty good with the watt is in the range of the rating values.
  3. Vapor is large, see the picture above (0.15ohm 50w )
  4. Pay attention to screw the glass tube tightly in case that it should leak.
  5. Replaceable coil head.


  1. Masculine appearance.
  2. It never goes too hot.
  3. Information is displayed on the screen.in details and in good layout.
  4. Quite heavy with 3 18650 batteries in it.
  5. It can be bought separately.

If you are looking for a mod to vape while working or at home, Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 is a good choice. Well, I don’t suggest you guys to carry it around it around very much with its clunkiness. If you are a huge vapor chaser, its maximum 300w will surely open a new vaping vision for you. Use coupon code RX12 to get 12% off! 

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