Many new vapers may have come into the situation that after  you build and wick the coils, and drip the liquid on them, then burnt flavor goes into your mouth. When you open the atomizer for checking, you find the cotton is burnt black or parted. Why would this happen? How to avoid such situation? Here I will make a detailed analysis and solve this problem for you guys.

The phenomena that the button is burnt black or parted can be attributed into the four causes below ( Burnt black or parted will be referred to burnt below)

1. Being burnt under TC mode

2. Being burnt after using new types of liquid.

3. Being burnt under Power mode.

4. Bad quality of cotton

Let’s make the analysis step by step and solve this problem finally.

1. Being burnt under TC mode.

Let’s make the analysis of this cause. Under TC mode, since the temperature of the coil will not heat up too much in the control of the chipset, there is no possibility for the cotton to be burnt in regular use. The causes why burnt cotton appears can be sorted into the reasons below:


  1. The coil material doesn’t match the output mode.
  2. The preheat wattage is too high or the chipset makes a false calculation on the TC mode.
  3. When the Ni200 coil is adopted, the wires are contacted with each other or are closely entwined, resulting in short-circuit.
  4. When the Ti/SS coil is closely entwined for temperature control, the coil is not oxidized completely, resulting in the short-circuit between two coils (It can also be understood as the coils are not well burned, thus short-circuit happens partly and the coils heat unevenly.)


  1. Check if TC material on the mod is rightly chosen in compliance with the coil material.
  2. Lower the wattage and check if the TC temperature is too high.
  3. Check if the wires are contacted with each other or cross each other. Enlarge the spacing of the wires to avoid partly short-circuit.
  4. Re-burn the coil to confirm that it is oxidized completely, that there is no short-circuit, and that it heats up evenly (Actually, loose entwining is better for TC mode)

2. Being burnt after using new types of liquid .

Similarly, we make the analysis why the cotton gets burnt in this situation. If there doesn’t appear burnt coil when other types of liquid are adopted, then it will not be the problem of the coil. Causes can be summed up below:

  1. Generally, burnt cotton happens when the VG of liquid turns from low to high. Liquid of low VG has good liquidity and can satisfy the liquid supply-consumption ratio of the coil. When it is replaced by the liquid of high VG, the liquidity of the liquid will decreases and the liquid deflecting speed of the cotton decreases. Accordingly, the insufficient supply of liquid causes dry burn of the coil, resulting in the burnt cotton.
  2. In addition to the regular VG/PG/essence/nicotine, some liquid also contains other components (eg: juice flavor enhancer ) which makes the liquid become very dense and form carbon deposits easily. After a while, because the carbon deposits can cause heating partly on the coil, thus resulting in the burnt of the cotton.


  1. Use liquid of better liquidity, or process the cotton by lessening the quantity of the cotton at the ends and fluffing it to increase its capability of liquid deflecting.
  2. The same solution as A.

Here I would like to talk about a special phenomenon. When the outside temperature is super low, the density of liquid will increase and the liquidity will decrease. Or even the liquid will crystallize and influence the liquid deflection, thus resulting in burn coil or burnt cotton. Vapers in the northern area can preheat the coil with low wattage to solve this problem.

3. Being burnt under Power mode.

A. The wires are not well entwined, or the coil is pulled crooked when the cotton is being installed. The coils at the two sides don’t heat at the same time which results that the liquid in the cotton at one of the two sides is drawn up faster than that of the other side, accordingly, the coil begins to dry burn and burns the cotton.

B.Similarly, the wires are not well entwined, thus resulting in serious heat partly. Or when the cotton is being installed, the coil is pulled crooked. The deformed coil heat unevenly, resulting overheating at one point on the coil. When the liquid is vaporizing, it cannot well lower the temperature at the point, thus the cotton is burnt.

C. After changing the atomizer, vapers don’t realize to adjust the wattage (some mods don’t have the function to indicate the alteration of resistance.) When the wattage is too high and results that the speed of liquid vaporization surpasses the speed of liquid supply. The liquid will dry burn and the cotton will be burnt.


A.Take out the cotton and re-burn the coils. Check if the screws are screwed tightly and adjust the coils. Make sure that the two coils at both sides heat at the same time, then you can wick it and begin to vape.  When you do the wicking, pay attention that you don’t crook the coils.

B.The same solution as A.

C. Re-calculate the cotton quantity that the coils need and re-wick the coils. If burnt coils appear, you can increase or reduce the quantity accordingly.

D. Change the cotton and adjust the value to a proper value.


4. The different capabilities of different cotton.

Many vapers have had such a problem. Since different cotton is made in different methods, their liquid deflecting speed and high heat resistance and liquid storage capability. For example, a vaper used to use Muji, the natural organic cotton. Later, when he bought a type of fiber cotton and still processes the cotton with his old habits, coils might get burnt because of the difference of the liquid absorption time, liquid deflecting speed and liquid storage capability.

This problem can only be solved after the vaper gets used to the capabilities of the new cotton, then adjust the usage quantity of the cotton or change the processing method of the cotton.


Electronic cigarette is  a thing either simple or complicated. To have a perfect experience, you will need to make an accurate coordination in cotton, coils, liquid, wattage, and atomizer structures. Any aspect has a problem, it will greatly influence the experience of vapers and brings in the problems such as burnt coil and bad flavor. Thus, you should take every step seriously in order to have an excellent vaping experience.

Well, contents above are the specific solutions for burnt button or burnt coils. Any ideas, you are most welcome to leave below. 

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