Vaping is a practice that has increased on campuses since JUUL pods were introduced a few years ago. JUUL is an e-cigarette that resembles a USB with different flavored liquid nicotine. College students now prefer inhaling vape to smoking cigarettes. This practice has blown its way to social media platforms as famous vapers can be seen on Facebook, discussing the various options of vaping. Some groups are formed on campuses where vapers can discuss issues affecting them.

What is vaping?

E-cigarette produces aerosol instead of tobacco smoke which is inhaled. Vaping is simply a process of inhaling this aerosol produced. The device has features that include e-juice container, battery, and heating component for a device that uses a battery. During each use, the heating components are heated thereby transforming the e-juice (flavor) into an aerosol vaped and inhaled to the lungs. But why is this act ideal for college students now? Does vaping help with stress? Let's briefly consider this issue.

Following recent studies conducted on a group of students in various colleges, the vaping trend can be vividly attributed to famous vapers who set role models for most students. Popular stars such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Hollywood stars who have performed such act on TV contributed to the trend. This development has triggered such practices as they would like to engage in activities that these celebrities do.

As such a trend is now commonly practiced by students globally, a lot of lingering questions exists as to its benefits. From statistics gotten from students on campuses, many college students agree that vaporizing is not an entirely healthy choice, but it’s far better than smoking because they can avoid all the rusty chemicals that cigarette offers. Also, the cigarette has a smell considered as offensive by many. With vaporizing which has a sweet-smelling flavor, such offensive acts can be avoided.

Aside from these, some also admitted that vaporizing help them to do homework better. But there is an option to pay someone to do my homework online, so why vape if there is an opportunity to pay a few bucks and be saved from such stress? The truth is vaporizing is more of a habit than mere influence. Even if they pay for such services online, a high tendency exists to join the bandwagon as well as a community of vapers in the college because of a high tendency to do what their peers do and be accepted by them.

Most students consider such activity as a better option but this does not prevent them from developing respiratory health problems especially in the long run since vaporizing, and smoking are not without harmful side effects. Although they are not as fatal as that of cigarettes, it includes dizziness, dry mouth, eye irritation, nausea, and vomiting. This is due to the nicotine components in e-cigarettes.

The risk of addiction
Most vaping cartridges are advertised as health products because they contain healthy flavors such as berry and mango. But these are just flavors, and they lack real health benefits. The hard truth is that there is as much risk of addiction in vaporizing as there is with cigarettes when it occurs among college students, it’s usually difficult to kick — especially the idea of inhaling it before doing homework.

Vaping cannabis is more discreet than other forms of consuming cannabis, but it does not make it safe or free from addiction. Most students who need homework help find it useful as it makes them “get high” so they are mentally fortified to take such school task. Since college students are old enough to decide what to inhale or not, they need to be aware of the risk it poses to their health, the society and the ease of misuse if not controlled.

Inhaling vape is still a growing practice that lacks proper regulation. But it’s expected that the authorities will well consider it in the nearest future. Medically, vaping is the best fit for adults seeking a gradual but safe means of quitting smoking. Students that wish to partake in such acts should be enlightened on the side effects and dangers it poses to their health before participating in the trend.

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