Since e-cigarette was first known to the world, it has experienced generations of transformations. In last week, it was placed in the teeth of the storm again. Hong Kong is planning to ban e-cigarette.

Before that, e-cigarette practitioners in HK were happily enjoying their life with the income from this ambiguous industry. But now, they’ve gone crazy. Just overnight, all friends began to express their warm-hearted care for those e-cigarette practitioners around them.
This Hong Kong e-cigarette ban doesn’t come out with no clues. Debates over the harm of e-cigarette have been lasting for nearly a decade. Various reports and theses emerge endlessly. The most reliable way to solve this issue, of course, is “better to believe it”, It is the result caused by the fear to the unknown defeating the unknown.

What is E-cigarette?

E-cigarette is a device to atomize e-liquid into vapor by the heat from electricity. Its principle is the same as the “vaporization”measures for curing children’s respiratory illness. Han Li, the creator of e-cigarette, was just inspired by “vaporization”principle and then created this amazing device, e-cigarette.
Most people only know that “smoking is harmful to human health”, but they don’t know the harm of cigarette is mainly from tar, CO, heavy metals and nicotine, all of which are produced by a burning cigarette. Among them, nicotine is what causes addiction. However, scientists found that a proper dose of nicotine does little harm. If smokers can inhale in nicotine directly and avoid inhaling tar, they can get rid of cigarette effectively. This is how the“patch”(for quitting smoking) comes out.

E-cigarette produces no tar, but just nicotine. By the vapor, it brings nicotine into the respiratory tract of human body, thus to satisfy the addition of human body. Therefore, the WHO (World Health Organization) defines e-cigarette as an“electronic nicotine transmission system”.
"Nicotine" is always something scaring some people. This is also one of the reasons why Hong Kong decides to ban e-cigarette.

Does Nicotine Truly Harm Human Health?

On this issue, we have looked up to a large quantity of relative materials and come to two conclusions:
1.E-cigarette causes harm, but much much lighter than traditional cigarette.

2. Its harm is mainly from that it can “attract teenagers to smoke”.
To a smoker who has smoked for years, e-cigarette is possibly the best substitute. This can effectively lower the health risk of smokers.
But to women or children who are non-smokers, e-cigarettes with fashionable and interesting appearances may attract them to try.

According to a report by Public Health England, e-cigarette decreases the harm of cigarette by 95%.

In this July, American National Academy of Science also released a 770-page-long report named Public Health Consequences of E-cigarette. It has been published officially and put on shelf. In the report, it gives a positive conclusion: Risk and severity of dependence are much lower for e-cigarettes than combustible tobacco cigarettes. It suggests that e-cigarette not use in public places. Meanwhile, it also states the worry that e-cigarette may attract non-smoker to vape.

Where is Future of E-cigarette?

What e-cigarette really affects is the benefit distribution, not health. Maybe only when the issue of benefit distribution is settled, e-cigarette will see its future.

It’s obvious that e-cigarette does less harm than cigarette. So, if the taxation income brought by e-cigarette and cigarette doesn’t show very much difference, it’s reasonable to offer an option to help smokers to quit smoking.

However, benefit distribution depends on the completion of laws. As regard to e-cigarette tax, all the countries are at a deadlock. This new-rising stuff directly challenges the taxation policy.


The United Kingdoms planned to put an extra 57% “sin tax”on e-cigarette. This measure was strongly opposed by the E-Cigarette Association. They thought “this is pushing the smokers who have quit smoking to choose cigarette again, which will not do any good to public health. ”The UK newspaper The Sun also said this measure “makes no sense”.

We can say, it is the tax problem that results e-cigarette being at the “grey zone”. It increases the difficulty for the exposure and popularization of e-cigarette, accordingly resulting the e-cigarette ban in Hong Kong

Ambiguous Definition and Ambiguous End

So, all the science and tests aside, let’s ask: Is e-cigarette harmful? The conclusion is pretty embarrassing:

In some places, e-cigarette is not harmful.

In some places, e-cigarette is as poisonous as highly toxic substances.

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