Ecigs to vapers are what lipsticks to girls. How many ecigs you have in stock? And what is the most fashionable ecig you have?

Fashionable in its appearance, Joyetech eGo Aio Starter Kit is liked by many youngsters. The designer endows this stunner ten colors in total , four with different crackle patterns and the other six are brushed gunmetal, wood, chinoiserie, brushed bronze, dazzling and camouflage.

eGo AIO applies all-in-one style with atomizer inserted inside, looking like a pen and similar to the Smok Vape Pen Plus in shape. They are both convenient to use. Though petite, eGo AIO is powerful enough to produce vapor.

Though eGo Aio is pretty in its appearance, the designer also attaches great importance to its security, proving that the designer is quite practical. eGo Aio applies dual circuit system, realizing overall battery protection of over-charging, over-current and over-discharging, which makes eGo Aio more advanced and reliable. The atomizer cap is equipped with child lock so that one should press the cap to screw or unscrew the atomizer cap.

It comes in two ways, the standard Kit and easy package, appealing to different needs of different vaping people.

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