Mech mod (short for mechanical mod) has long been extolled as a vaping toy to the experienced vapers exclusively. Why is that? What is mech mod? Do you really know about it? Here I would like to talk about the mech mod with you guys.
Mech mod adopts the completely mechanical structure and is usually a cylinder. To make it easy, mech mod is a conductor for installing atomizer, battery compartment and a mechanical switch. The power supply capacity totally depends on the current voltage output. 

In the light of 510 connector on the top, mech mods can be sorted into two parts:

  1. The 510 connector connects directly to the positive pole of the battery:  There is no connection parts in the 510 connector. When you screw in the atomizer, the connecting point of the atomizer to the positive pole will connect directly to the positive pole of the battery.

The advantage of such structure lowers the length of the electric circuit and lowers the power consumption, making the current output more smooth (the so-called violent output) and the length of the mod much shorter.

The 510 connector connects indirectly to the positive pole of the battery: There is usually connecting parts in the 510 connector for conducting the electricity. When you screw in the atomizer into the 510 connector, the atomizer will connect the connecting parts first and then connect the positive pole by the connecting parts.
The advantage of such structure is its safety. Besides, it is of more compatibility to the atomizers and can match the atomizers with a elastic electrode at the bottom and lower the possibility of short-circuit starting directly from the 510 connector.

At the very beginning, the material of the mod is usually made of copper or brass. However, in recent two years, there appeared many mech mods made of many other materials, for example, space aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy pure silver and etc.
The different materials have a direct influence on the using mech mod. Since the electricity conductivity (namely the resistance) of different metals varies, the metal of high resistance will have a consumption when the current goes through.

Thus, here I will sort the metal in order based on their electricity conductivity for your reference: 1. Silver   2. Copper 3. Bronze  4. Aluminum  5. Stainless Steel  6. Titanium Alloy

B. Appearance
The diameter of the mech mods in the market can be roughly sorted into 22mm, 24mm, 29mm, 32mm. The most common ones are the 22mm and 24mms.
When the vaper is purchasing a mech mod for an atomizer, they should choose the mech mod of the same diameter as the atomizer. Or you will come into an embarrassing situation: look, he is holding a microphone!
However, the overall appearance is of various forms, such as the hollow shell, the twisted shell, painted shell, concave shell like a slender waist, changeable tube, resin tube, staypak tube. It is just countless!
The various appearance is the top reason why the vapers love mech mods so much. (Who would not like nice look!)

C. Major parts and how to choose a mech mod
The structure of mech mod is truly simple. But what can best proves the manufacturing technique is the switch at the bottom.
The manufacturing technique of the switch at the bottom is one of the key factors to measure a mech mod. The structural design and the manufacturing technique determines the safety and using comfort level of the mech mod.
Personally, I think only a switch with the following features can be regarded as well designed, automatic-lock (concave design), comfortable elasticity, self-adaption spring for the battery (to ensure the battery to stay stable in the battery compartment and has a function of insulation), the contact of the battery negative pole is wide and flat with a round edge (to avoid the electric arc to break down the battery), easy for disassembling.

Apart from that, other factors to determine the good performance of a mech mod also include insulation design inside of the battery compartment and the pressure releasing holes (need enough space for air circulation ).
Before the explosion of 18650 battery, the liquid in the battery would boil and produce a large quantity of gases. When the gases erupts, you will also see the electric arc and sparks.
As the pressure in the battery becomes heavier, the speed of eruption cannot catch up with the growth of the inner pressure, thus, the battery explodes.

At this moment, if the mech mod is well sealed, the speed of the pressure accumulation and heating will be intensified (thermal energy accumulated), the battery will explode in advance. The pressure releasing holes are for releasing the gases erupted from the battery,  prolonging the time of explosion and giving the vapers a much longer reaction time ( to avoid danger).

The insulation processing inside of the battery compartment can avoid the using risks when the battery skin is broken accidentally.

D. How is the actual usage experience of the mech mod?

Then what is the special points of mech mod’s output? Why vapers are flocking to it?

From my experience, the degree of mech mod’s violent output is way too lower than that of the VV(variable voltage) mod. But the stability of its output is good for sure. Except that the voltage of the battery is descending continuously, the overall output of the battery is not fluctuated.

In the light of taste, it is smooth and soft with little uncomfortable feeling.

In summary, mech mod has always been thought as an exclusive vaping device only for the experienced vapers.  This is not true. If you want to use mech mod, you should have a good knowledge of it. After you have a good knowledge of its working principles,  then you can use the mech mod safely. Here I want to say: The mod will not explode, but the battery.

Let’s sum it up. The first point is the material. The lower the resistance, the better it will be. The second point is the switch. Check if its workmanship is excellent, if it’s convenient and comfortable for operation. Besides, you also need to check its safety and if it’s easy to be touched by mistake. Thirdly,  check if there are pressure releasing holes and insulation settings.

If a mech mod have all the advantages above, then it will be pretty safe mech mod with violent output.

If safety matters are paid attention, then any vapers can well hold this beautiful but dangerous vaping device.

Recently, Vgod has released its another mech mod named Vgod Elite Mech Mod.

It’s pretty a good choice for vapers who would like to try on mech mods.  With its spring-loaded switch, it’s pretty convenient for using.  Mind its diameter when you choose the atomizer for it!

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