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What is low resistance?
a. On ecig device, there  appears warning sign displaying “Ohms Too Low” or “Low Atomizer”. Under such situation, the power supply of the mod is not normal and the atomizer cannot work.
b. As a resistance measuring index term, for example, low resistance/low ohm, ultra low resistance/ultra low ohm.
Resistance is the most important parameter index, it has influences on several aspects such as the taste, vapor, mod.
Normally, low resistance can be interpreted in two ways: a. “low resistance” often mentioned by vapers (huge vapor low resistance coil)  b. when there is something wrong with the device and on it there displays such warning. <p >A. Low resistance often mentioned by vapers

This is a general term of what we normally say about low resistance, huge vapor data, huge vapor coil and etc.
Though there is not a set index about how low a resistance can be called low resistance. But according to the common resistance of most vapers, the generally-said low resistance is resistance around 0.2Ω.
Apart from low resistance, there is a word named ultra resistance. This word is about the resistance below 0.2Ω, such as resistance between 0Ω and 0.2Ω. <p >B. Low resistance warning on the device. (malfunction message)

Normally, devices display information such as “Ohms Too Low” or “Low Atomizer” when the resistance is too low. Generally, on the specification of a mod, there will indicate a specific range of the resistance, that is to say, the resistance range that the mod can support. Thus, we should make sure the coil resistance of the atomizer we use is within this range. <p >If the screen indicates low resistance, it means the resistance is too low to be supportable. Usually, several reasons can cause such problem. <p >A. Short-circuit
Reason: Some mods don’t have the indication of short-circuit but display the information as “low resistance”. Reasons might be as follows, the heating wires contacting atomization tube, heating wires or metal debris on the base. Besides, metal debris on the 510 connector can also result in such a problem. <p >Solution: According to the analysis above, check if there is foreign matter on the parts of the atomizer. Clean the foreign matter and then check if the malfunction is solved. <p >2. Virtual connection
Reason: Finished coils are not installed properly. The components are not connected tightly, or the coils for RBA is virtually connected.
Solution: Re-install the finished coils, or check whether the coils for RBA is connected tightly, whether the 510 connector for power supply is screwed tightly. Disassemble the atomizer and re-install the components properly and then check whether the fault disappear. <p >C. Problem of the coils
Reason: The resistance of the heating wires are made too low, often caused by over-thick heating wires or false choice for the wire material (such as Ni200, ss316), incomplete oxide layers between the heating wires are not complete (when tightly twisted), hot-melting between wire and wire (generally found in N180 material).
Since the materials of TC coils are different, their resistances are usually lower than that of the wattage/ variable voltage coils. If you use Ni 200 coil under wattage mode, it  unavoidably will result in low resistance.
Solution: Firstly, make sure if the type of the coils or the heating wires are correct to match the output mode of the mod.
D. Loosening of the atomizer components.
Reason: In daily use, some components of the RBA atomizer will gradually become loose. For example, we have surely screwed the screws for fixing the coil tightly, but after adjusting the position of the coil, we find the screws become loose again.
This is because when we pull to adjust the coil, the screws will also be pulled incidentally. In our daily use, we also find loosened screws.
Solution: Disassemble the atomizer and re-install the components. Check the connection of every components, especially the screws for fixing the coils and the insulation materials below electrode posts.
E. Broken mod
Reason: The 510 connector of the mod is broken. Problems might be as follows, virtual connection, short-circuit, damaged system board, malfunctions.
Solution: If the warranty is overdue and you are able to deal with it by yourself, you can disassemble the mod and check if the 510 connector is damaged. If your mod is still in the warranty period, you can contact the vendor to consult the procedures and methods for maintenance.

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