Voopoo UFORCE U4 3.5ml Tank

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Many new vapers choose finished atomizers (tanks) as their first tool to enter into the vaping community. No matter you’re looking for good taste or huge vapor, different products can satisfy the needs of different vapers. With huge vapor gradually becoming the first focus in the market, many manufacturers begin to attach more and more importance on it. Voopoo brand made its debut in the vaping community with Voopoo Drag Mod (0.25s to fire up), and then was well known by vapers. After market test for a long time, it abruptly became hot in the vaping community.

Here I will share wit you the Voopoo Uforce Tank.

Voopoo UFORCE 3.5ml Tank Features and Specs:
Thread: 510
Capacity: 3.5ml
Size: 24.6*54.05mm
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Uforce U4: Quadruple Coils, 0.23Ohm 50W-120W(Best Wattage: 60-80W)
Uforce U2: Dual Coils, 0.4Ohm 40W-80W(Best Wattage: 55-65W)

Voopoo UFORCE 3.5ml Tank Package Includes:
1 * UFORCE Tank
1 * UFORCE U4 (Pre-installed)
1 * Glass Tube
6 x Sealing O-Ring
1 * User Manual



Its package succeeds the minimal style of other products of its brand. On the white box, there is printed with the product appearance and product information. Besides, you can see a slogan “THE KING OF FLAVOR AWAKEN THE FORCE”


Voopoo Uforce comes in several colors including black, silver, rainbow, deep blue and gold. Good-Looking-Obsessed vapers can be well satisfied with so many different colors.

When you open the package, you can see the atomizer, spare coil head, accessories, spare glass tube and user manual.

The overall shape of Uforce is kind of tough. When matching with the Voopoo Too mod, its sense of design is very harmonious. The diameter of Uforce is 24mm, height is 54.06mm and juice capacity is 3.5ml.


Its drip tip is made of heat insulation material and its inner wall is designed into a V-shape. The advantage of such design is that it can gather vapor in the chimney, then “enlarge” it via drip tip and finally bring much denser flavor to the vapers.

It supports top fill system which is easy to push open it. It’s quite convenient in daily use for refilling. The top cap is exquisitely produced and the slide channel is smooth for sliding. It takes little force to push open it. The smooth sliding is a highlight advantage of this atomizer. Since its damping is so suitable, it must have been tested and proved for quite a lot of times.  


The original glass tube and the spare glass tube has nice workmanship and smooth edges. This suggests that the details of Uforce tank is well processed. After installation, all the parts are perfectly connected.

The pre-built coil is 0.4Ω and the officially published best wattage ranges from 55 to 65w. The resistance of the spare quadruple coil is 0.23Ω and its best wattage ranges from 60 to 80w.

Both the layout and processing of cotton inside of the coil are exquisite and fine. The three big liquid guiding holes extend to the bottom of the vaporization space, thus the last drop of liquid can be used to avoid waste.

There are three adjustable airflow holes on the base to make a balanced airflow. Cold air comes from all directions to the vaporization space to cool the vapor. Sufficient air can not only bring smooth airflow, but also can well avoid too much heat being produced by high wattage to burn your mouth.

When working under the Soft mode of Voopoo Too mod, Voopoo Uforce Tank can resolve the hidden flavor in the liquid which is slightly sweet. It is an unexpected highlight that makes you to clearly feel the unique flavor under Soft mode of Voopoo Too mod.


  1. Excellent quality
  2. Top fill system with smooth sliding
  3. Three airflow holes to provide smooth airflow
  4. Cone-shaped drip tip to bring you dense vapor
  5. Different colors for choice


No disadvantage has been found so far.

This Voopoo Uforce Tank is officially matched with Voopoo Too mod. Are you interested in this tank?

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