Original VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC box mod

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Intro:Today, what I’m gonna introduce is manufactured by VOOPOO--the Voopoo Drag 157w TC Box Mod powered by Gene.Fan 157w chip.

Whether a box mod looks good depends on its appearance, material and workmanship. But whether a box mod has good performance greatly depends on what chip is in use in it.  
With the rapid development of electronic cigarettes, except for the well-known VO, DNA and YH chip, more and more different chips come into sight. Today, what I’m gonna introduce is manufactured by VOOPOO--the Voopoo Drag 157w TC Box Mod powered by Gene.Fan 157w chip.

TheThe packing list doesn’t include very many items, only the Drag mod, USB cable, user manual  and warranty card.


Voopoo Drag 157w is powered by dual batteries. Its shell is made of metal and its appearance line is pretty angular. Its shape and style are very much like the Tesla Invader 3 box mod.
On one side of the box mod, there is printed with laser logo “Drag”, and on the other side, there is pasted with the carbon-fiber panel which is different from the normal carbon-fiber. The carbon-fiber of this Drag box mod is added with white bright wisps similar to some kind of metal. When the light is bright enough, it will reflect out a unique feel of stereos-copy.

The 510 connector is equipped with anti-lock function, and on the 510 connector, there is a groove designed for avoiding condensation and leakage. I also noticed that the the 510 connector is 1 to 2mm higher than the box mod. This is not a problem caused by assembling, but for effectively preventing the atomizer and box mod from dead lock. There are three buttons on the mod, whose click feedback are all very ringing without obvious looseness. The USB port at the bottom can be not only used for charging but also used for connecting the PC.

The white battery compartment is made of high-temperature resistant plastic. The stealth spring-loaded electrode is of strong elastic force. When you install the battery, it can press the battery steadily. Inside of it, there is installed with stealth magnets. When you cover the lid, it can well connect to the compartment without obvious looseness. On the lid, there are two black insulation pasters which greatly reduces the danger of using broken-sleeve battery.


The Gene. Fan 157w chip in the drag mod is featured with multiple functions, which is also not complicated for using.
1. SUPER Mode--When the resistance is between 0.1Ω and 0.3Ω and when the wattage of the box mod is equal to or over 130w, the SUPER Mode will open automatically and bring super fast firing speed. Undoubtedly, the SUPER mode is the good news to the vapers who like huge vapor.
2. Smart Mode--When the resistance is equal to or over 0.1Ω, the box mod will choose the output wattage automatically. For example, when the box mod recognizes the resistance is 0.19Ω, the wattage will be adjusted automatically to 50w. The automatic-matching wattage function is very user-friendly to the new vapers and can also avoid the the situation of forgetting to adjust the low resistance high wattage output back to high resistance low wattage output before vaping. I believe I’m not the only person that have had such an experience to vape with burnt flavor.
3. It can connect the PC end. Vapers can query device information, upgrade the procedures and customize the functions more intuitive and more comprehensive. The customized functions include displaying, parameters (TC coefficient, TCR, time for vaping), temperature curve and wattage curve.


4. You can set the temperature/wattage curve directly by the box mod without connecting to PC end. Specific operations: long pressing “+” and “-” to enter into the menu. Selecting M1-5 preinstalling groups and then pressing the fire button 4 times continuously to enter. At last long pressing the fire button to make confirmation and then exit.


Another highlight of Voopoo Drag is that its ignition delay time is really short. It’s officially said that the ignition delay time is 0.025 seconds, consistent with the actual experience with no exaggeration. Picture above shows the effect by using an atomizer with 0.15Ω atomizer. When the mod is under 110 wattage, the vapor will just come out when you press the fire button, but when you adjust the wattage to 130w and the SUPER mode starts, the output will be more violent.


Regarding the workmanship, you can hardly find any fault with the Voopoo Drag 157w mod. With the details of the battery compartment lid, you can also find the manufacturer is very considerate. 

Voopoo Drag 157w mod powered by the newly emerged Gene chip not only has multiple functions but is also convenient for operation.
You can hardly feel firing delay with this box mod. Vapers who like violent output will like the SUPER mode very much.
The SMART mode for automatic matching the wattage is very considerate to the new vapers.Vapers who like using brains and personalization can also do various setting by connecting to PC end. 

All in all, Voopoo Drag 157w TC Box Mod is multifunctional with very good performance price ratio. At present, the resin version of this box mod is also on sale at Urvapin with everything the same as the original one except for the resin panel.

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