<p >Intro: Recently, Voopoo’s RDA made its debut in the vaping market with the release of Voopoo Demon RDA.

<p >Since Voopoo released its Voopoo Drag 157w TC Box Mod, its advantages and performance price ratio have both been widely accepted and it gives great strength to Voopoo.

Recently, Voopoo’s RDA made its debut in the vaping market with the release of Voopoo Demon RDA. Today I will share this Voopoo Demon RDA with you.


Package is showed in the picture. The official said this RDA has eight colors in total, ivory black, moon grey, rose gold, red, rose red, champagne gold, emerald green, royal blue. The one I have is in rose gold. Its diameter is 24mm. It is featured with side airflow system, aluminum atomization cover, POM insulation spacer and PEI drip tip.


There are two Clapton coils inside of the package. There are several spare screws. Surprisingly, you will find that the two cottons in the package have already been trimmed well to match the finished coils, which is pretty considerate to the new vapers.
Besides, you can also see a gold-plated electrode screw and screw driver, but there is no spare sealing ring.


In daily use, this RDA can be disassembled into three parts as showed in the picture. The side airflow system can be noticed clearly.


Demon RDA adopts airflow system with four strip-styled holes on the two sides.


By spinning the top cap, you can adjust the span of the inflow holes. The two lower holes can be used separately by spinning to close the two upper holes. But it’s not possible to use the two upper holes separately.


Below the gold-plated base, there is an insulation spacer made of POM material.
If the black insulation spacer is changed into the yellow PEI material, it might look more harmonious. But it is certain that the insulation effect of this black spacer is much better.

There are several anti-sliding grooves on the PEI top cap to increase the frictional force when you adjust the airflow.
The inside part of the drip tip is designed with a crooked top which can effectively prevent the condensation from being sucked into the mouth.

If you look from the drip tip, you will find the “liquid outlet” of the bottom refilling system. If you use bottom refilling system, the liquid will flow from the “liquid outlet” to the cottons at the two ends. But this will happen only when the atomizer is totally at a horizontal level.
If you don’t use bottom refilling system, you should pay attention to drip the liquid on the two sides evenly.


There is a circle of groove at the drip tip. The drip tip is totally insulated by the PEI material. Its heat-insulation is beyond doubt.
By adopting the aluminum cover, it improves the heat-insulation performance and the atomizer becomes lighter.


More and more products start to use such “electrode wall”. Such structure can compress the space both at the left side and right side, thus there is no need to install this atomizer with very thick diameter to satisfy the explosiveness space.

The coil locking hole is quite big that fancy coils with non-extreme width can be comparable with the holes. But you can see the liquid sink of this RDA is not very deep.


You will need to center the coils on the electrode thus the upper and lower airflow holes can rightly face the coils. (The coil in the left picture is slightly low.)  

When I use the coil with data of A1/22G/3.0/5, the result is pretty satisfying. If I use the Clapton coils in the package, the vapor feels more  granular and the temperature will be much higher.

But the liquid sink of this RDA is not very deep. If you drip too much liquid in it, and you have the habit of blowing at the first vape, then you will need to prepare a piece of tissue to wipe the liquid coming out from the airflow holes.


Regarding the airflow hole of this RDA, the regular method is to aim the coil to the upper flow holes. When you use it,  you can adjust their sizes according to the explosiveness of the coil, and leave the lower airflow holes open.


The multiple colors and compact size of Voopoo Demon RDA completely follow the development tide of the atomizers nowadays. Personally, I think the liquid sink can be further optimized with much bigger size.

Order it from Urvapin now! Any comments, leave it below.


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