Vladdin Pod System Kit Starter Kit --Closed Pod

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Recently, Vladdin brand made its debut in the electronic cigarette industry with the Vladdin Starter Kit. It’s designed by the ecig icon seller AVE40 company. After fully exploring the market need and based on its rich experience with the clients all around the world , AVE40 made the decision and manufactured its first pod system electronic cigarette.

To smokers, Vladdin kit is going to be a treasure to save them from traditional cigarettes . What are its charm? Check it out!

Vladdin Starter Kit - Closed Pod Vaping System Features and Specs:
Portable and easy to use closed pod vaping system
Consistent and efficient delivery by control power
Magnetic connection between pod and battery
Universal Micro-USB charger
Ceramic Coil Inside
Vladdin Pod Cartridge Capacity: 1.5ml
Resistance Range: 1.2-1.5Ohm
Vladdin Battery:
Output Voltage: 3.5V
Charging Current: 0.2-0.4V
Charging Time: 1-2 Hours
Whole Size: 19.04*11.4*90.32mm(L*W*H)
Maximum Output Wattage: 12W

Vladdin Starter Kit - Closed Pod Vaping System Package Includes:
1 * Vladdin device
1 * Vladdin Cartridage
1 * USB Cable
1* User Manual



Vladdin Kit is packed in a grey square box. On the front side, there is the picture of Vladdin Kit , product name and some of its features. On the back, there are the detailed information of this product.

Inside of the package, contents include a pod, a battery part and a USB cable of high quality. 


Vladdin Starter Kit measures 19.04mm long, 11.4mm wide and 90.32mm high. It’s as small as a pen, portable for carrying around.


Compared with a pack of traditional cigarette, it’s more fashionable to have a Vladdin kit in your suite pocket. It’s not just fashionable, but also very business style.


Vladdin Kit is a portable and easy to use kit. The connection between the pod and the battery is magnetic. It’s easy for you to change the pod.




The pod is disposable and contains 1.5ml nicotine e-liquid. Vladdin Kit has four different types of e-liquid pods in total for choice including northern, vct, ice and mint. The e-liquid is imported from America and contains nicotine. Smokers can be greatly satisfied from vaping on this kit.


The coil inside of the pod is made of ceramics. Ceramic coils can not be easily burned with longer life span.


Part of the pod is transparent for your convenience to monitor the e-liquid.


There is no functional buttons on the kit at all. You just vape directly to start it, no need to press any buttons. The tiny indicator light will flash when you vape it.


The mod is chargeable with a USB port at the bottom. It takes 1 to 2 hours to fully charge the mod.


The price of Vladdin Kit is reasonable and only sold $32.75. If this kit interests you, you can use coupon code “vladdin12” to enjoy 12% off!

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