We are no strangers to them when speaking of small-sized e-cig products. The brightest spot of these products is its convenience, ready-to-use, convenient operation and the best smoking-alternative experience.

Small-sized e-cigarette products spread and increased dramatically in late 2017 with various brands joining the competition.

Ave40 recently unveiled a small and alluring device called VLADDIN and brought it to the market. Now, it is pleasure to share my user experience with you. Let’s go!


Except that the NRX in my previous review is wrapped up with a packaging style similar to gift box, packaging of small-sized devices is about the same, and packaging for small devices mainly similar to that of the VLADDIN is quite common. For instance, MT and PHIX also use such simple paper box. The package includes an a User Manual, a USB Cable and a Classic Tobacco pod. If simple packaging can reduce retail cost, it should be a big boon for users and is well welcomed by them as well.

The look of VLADDIN inherits pen-like design. At both its skin’s colors and body, the VLADDIN in fact bears some resemblances to PHIX. With its excellent workmanship and texture, the VLADDIN is a mixture of MT and PHIX as it retains some exterior features of  two, including chamfer angle of cartridge pod interface, shell texture of anodizing, design of indicator light.

Leaf-like cross section adds some spirituality to the design and the device. Additionally, pod  should be installed based on given direction due to bore’s problems. This magnetic connection has become the rule in small e-cigs products.

USB Charging Port at its bottom can be employed universally in conventional e-cigs mods and is suitable for regular Android USB cables for convenient charging at any time. Therefore, it is unnecessary to carry an exclusive USB cable around with you.

The structure of its pod is roughly similar to that of current various brands.

Ceramic coil has become the norm in small-sized e-cig cartridges. VLADDIN brings electrode contacts together with magnetic points. The position between two electrode contacts and intermediate pores is quite clear. The 1.5ml cartridge can get general users throughout a few days.

It is worth mentioning that liquid leakage is not found in such pod after using three products.


You can observe the remaining e-juice through semi-transparent pod. The overall design and structures of VLADDIN perhaps is lack of innovation and freshness, but observing its details, it is found that practicability of the device has been enhanced and optimized. After all, these small ecig products are not directed at players.

As a daily smoking alternative device, the VLADDIN’s convenience and easy to use come first.

Producer has paired the VLADDIN with four flavorful pod, including original tobacco, mixed tobacco, mint and ice tobacco. Unlike NRX boasting several tempting flavors (such as lichee ice, Tie Guanyin), the producer has equipped it with four tobaccos, the most classic tastes satisfying these smoking alternative users.

The rise of small-sized e-cigarette products seems to be the reappearance of the glorious days of EGO, yet with tremendous change of experience between two.

VLADDIN pods cannot offer a strong throat hit, but it fits into those who go after smooth flavor when taking puffs. This tiny device is subject to ready-to-use. A device like VLADDIN is sure to become a major driving force behind smoking alternative devices if it returns to the original purpose of e-cig’s birth.

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