Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Kit with 5ml NRG Tank

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What is the hottest topic in the trendsetter community? Of course, iPhone X! It’s beyond doubt that iPhone leads the electronic fashion. What is interesting is that there is a also hot topic in the vaping community. That is,  Vaporesso also released a X kit named Revenger X!


There are precedents that Vaporesso leads fashion in ecig community. For this time, the pose of Revenger X on Beijing International Ecig Expo even wowed the audience on the spot. Currently, products with colorful screen or colorful OLED screen in the market come into our eyes one by one. On the display and operation of screen, different people have different ideas. According to the research data, more people tends to use ecig just for vaping and they don’t need complicated man-machine interaction. Nice appearance, fashionable interface, simple button operation, some operation interaction, unique features. All these needs feedback from customers are recorded by Vaporesso and submitted to Vaporesso’s research team for speculation.

Then, what features of this Revenger X on earth can soon refresh people’s concepts on ecigs? Let’s check it out.

Revenger 220w kit has already gained much heat in the ecig market, and there also came lots of its counterfeits. Since it’s so hot and so popular, let’s show off its advantages: 220w dual battery in series provides super large power, integrated design is fashionable and pretty, NRG atomizer with super large vapor and balanced flavor surprises numerous players, atomizer adopts simple refilling system and unique bottom airflow system with excellent performance. The output of its mod is super violent and can be compared with any hot selling mods in the market. The integrated design of the kit comes with stunning appearance and hand feel. It initially adopts the new environmentally friendly material, giving the product a pretty nice looking. After we sum up the various advantages of Revenger Kit, we finally understand that it’s not by accident that it becomes popular so quickly and it is stimulated by others. However, Vaporesso’s research and development team is very powerful. When the Revenger Kit became popular, they don’t stop their steps for more innovations. Today, the product I’m bringing to you is its another elite product for leading the market. Are you keeping pace?

Come! Let me show you what is truly proper man-machine interaction, and how you can utilize the advantage of good material to the most. Vaporesso has been widely praised by its initial adoption of IML material. Lots of counterfeits in the market also adopt this material, but please pay attention that this is a sort of environmentally friendly material, and it’s not a rare material but a plastic appearance design and environmental protection concept.(From ceramic coil head to EUC coil head, Vaporesso sticks to the principle of environmental protection everywhere. If other brands can also copy this principle, the dream of green earth will be realized much earlier. Snickering....)

It is a good thing to make the IML material into reflecting panels, but as a team with strength for research and development, Vaporesso will not just stop moving to propagandize the three letters “IML” for gaining profits.

How to make the full use of the reflecting quality and mirror effect of IML material is what we want to achieve. Yes, so we tried to cancel the physical buttons. Canceling physical buttons has already been on our plan. It was applied to Revenger X for the first time and has received great success. If I must relate Revenger Kits with iPhone, then Revenger is iPhone 8 and Revenger X is iPhone X.

The physical buttons of Revenger X are truly canceled. The panels are completely smooth and the two panels are integrated into one, so it looks just like a round pebble. When it’s put on the table, Revenger is just an impeccable handiwork.


On Beijing Expo, numerous players and businessmen exclaimed: This product just shocked me! It looks plainly but is wonderful for using. Ah! What did I just say? This product looks just an integrated whole. Except for the fire button on the side, there is no place to start on the mod. But once you press the fire button to enter into the wattage adjustment interface or the menu interface, you will immediately have a feeling of electrical contacts. It has rapid response and it has strong interaction. Yes, it vibrates! Just like a cellphone, its three stealth buttons vibrates intensely for feedback. Some customers on the scene tested that the adjusting sensitivity of the stealth buttons were very high, and its hand feel is nice and it’s convenient for using.

The so-called man-machine interaction is not just the phonetic function and bluetooth function. The vibration that makes people feel their adjustment invisibly is the most basic man-machine interaction.

When the trial user presses down the fire button, the touch button enters into the lock-out state. Everything is pacified.

iPhone fans must know that Apple company has just released an iPhone X without physical buttons after iPhone 8. Apple company has had this idea for quite a long time before the releasing of iPhone X. During that time, iPhone fans made several guessing. Some supports that physical buttons should be canceled and some supports that physical buttons should not be canceled. Which side are you on? I found it is not controversial whether to keep or cancel the buttons, because we find they both have their advantages.

We have left a much briefer and more intuitive judgement to you with Revenger Kit and Revenger X. Some people like the visible sense of presence of the physical buttons. Some people like a clean and pure screen. How to make the decision is totally decided by the preference of consumers. As a listed company with responsibility and strong ability of research and development. Our goal and direction is always on designing user-friendly products, developing practical products, choosing new material, balancing security and performance price ratio and utilizing environmentally friendly material and power-saving material. We will take everything into consideration in advance and will be dedicated to making our products Say hello to the future!

Recently, some private companies copy our hot selling products and Revenger Kit is included. Maybe you have noticed that we haven’t issued any statement. Because we have more important missions on which we need to make dedicated efforts. It is more proper to leave the issues involving law to professionals. Any illegal behavior will be punished. From now on, we will develop various ingenious products and destroy all the unearned lies with more innovations.

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