Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit with NRG (Mini) Tank Starter Kit

Price : $59.75 $85.90

Vaporesso Revenger Kit is not only user friendly to new vapers, and its complete functions will also be of great interest to the experienced vapers. Use coupon code “revenger12” to enjoy 12% off!



Drawer-style box decorated with grey starry pattern.Classic red and black colors, pretty and delicate.


Detailed information on the mod!

Let’s see what’s inside of it!


High-end item is always finely packed. When you open the drawer, you can see the pure matte white package with a big logo on it. It seems like that I’ve bought a new cellphone. :)


When I open the box, I have to say the VI design of this product is completely the style of minimalism with full sense of science and technology.


Two big pieces of instructions, a USB cable with delicate quality,warranty card and warning card.


The USB cable is printed with LOGO, the workmanship is much much better than the product of Apple. The manual is translated into many languages. 

Finally the kit! Two words to describe my first impression on it: looks fabulous!Another four words: exquisite details! No matter the package or the product itself. OK, let’s get to the point~


In the picture above, in turns: atomizer, spare glass tube, 510 drip tip adapter ring , spare coil head, spare o-rings. 5ml liquid capacity is quite large as a RTA.  



The structure of the atomizer is almost the same as the general atomizer.The surface is coated with wine red piano finish, which contributes to the appearance of this mod. The airway is narrow and gathered at the top of coil head, which can greatly improve the flavor.


The drip tip built on it is non-standard 810 and is slightly larger than 810. The inner wall is in the shape of funnel and is good for collecting condensation.

The slide-open filling system is more convenient than the screw-threaded refilling system. The filling hole is big enough for a general glass tube to insert in. The o-ring is sealed tightly and you will need to push it open with much force. There will be no loosening and leakage at all.

The electrode on the base is silver-electroplated. It is oxidation resisting, erosion resisting and is good for electricity conductivity.

The electrode screw at the bottom is shortly protruding. For the sake of safety, it’s better that finished coils should not be used on mechanical mods.

The grey part on the base is the insulating part, which is made of ceramics materials.

The pre-built coil head is the GT8 coil head of 0.15Ω. It supports 50-100w and its optimum wattage is 60-80w. With visual inspection, the coil head is quadruple coils intertwined with two wires. The spare coil head is dual coils, supporting 30-70w and its optimum wattage is 45-60w. The bottoms of both the two coil heads silver-electroplated.The manufacturer is very considerate to mark the optimum wattage on it for the convenience of new vapers!

The coil heads are of very good quality and they feel heavy in palm.

Their edges and corners are well processed.

Summary of atomizer

The liquid capacity is pretty big. When I use GT8 coil head under 60w, a tank of liquid can support 200 puffs. To those people whose vaping frequency is not high, a tank of liquid can last nearly for a whole day. When I vape under 60w, its vapor is pretty dense! Among all the huge vapor producer, this atomizer can be ranked as one of the best in flavor and vapor.

It’s convenient for use with exquisite workmanship. It absolutely can be scored over 95 with full score of 100.   


Streamline dual-arc IML panel

IML is shorted for In Molding Label. Its obvious feature is that there is a layer of hardened plastic film on its surface, that there is a layer of printed pattern, and that there is a layer of plastic film on its back. Because the printing ink is stuck in the middle, it can prevent the surface from being scratched and rubbed and protect the fresh color from being faded away.

The mirror effect panel has very good hand feel. It not only improves the appearance and quality of the mod, but also lower the weight of the mod. With visual inspection, the grey part in the middle is aluminum alloy anodic oxide film. The 510 connector is slightly protruding, forming an imperceptible gap between the top and the atomizer. Therefore, the atomizer will not scratch the paint. There are holes at the bottom for releasing the pressure, increasing the safety for using. The fire button has a curved surface. Its touch feel is great and its response is ringing. No matter you hold the kit in any way, the hold feel is comfortable and you can easily press the fire button.

At one of the corners, there is a special design which is for the convenience of opening. The panel is tightly attached by three magnets without loosening. On its appearance, it is also tightly closed and there is heat releasing holes to protect the chipset from being overheated.

 Summary of Mod

Its appearance is pretty with classic red and black color. The response of pressing the button is great. Its arc surface conforms to the ergonomics and even small palm can easily hold it. Its weight is at a proper level. The red piano finish is of pretty good quality without scratching and pealing off after half a month. The panels are greatly wear-resisting. The only disadvantage is that it’s easy to leave fingerprint and sweat on it. If you mind it, you can wipe it frequently. 


It has an extra special function button, which is greatly to my preference. If a mod doesn’t have function button, you will need to press the fire button to set the function which will easily cause mis-firing.  

Especially for those systems with multiple functions, it will be very inconvenient if there is not a separate function button on it. 

Press five times the fire button to turn on the mod


Interface for choosing the new or old coil head.

When you enter into the menu, the screen displays the output mode at top right corner and battery indicator at the top left corner. In the second line, it is the work mode, resistance and output voltage. In the third line, it is the output wattage.

In the last line, it displays the puff time. Press the function button three times to enter into the wattage output mode options. VW is the general wattage output mode. CCW is the wattage curve user-defined mode.Press the function button more than two seconds to enter into the option interface. After you choose the mod, press the function button for two seconds to switch the output mode.


Here I’d like to talk about the system set function.


Seven options in total:

  1. VM mode
  2. VT mode
  3. Time Set
  4. Default
  5. Smart On/Off
  6. Screen Timeout
  7. Exist


Generally speaking, it’s time to make a conclusion, but I find the system of this kit is upgraded. So I download a upgrade patch.

Download link (click here)

Press the fire button and function button simultaneously to check the system version. The latest version is V1.07 and its upgrading date is September 8th, 2017. At the same time, there are two systems for the client software. One is the TPCBAT10 and the other one is SPCBAT10. Please pay attention when you install it.  

This is the interface of the software after upgrading.




The system interface and setting is slightly changed.


Newly added seventh option: Brightness

Newly added eights option:Puff counter


On the main menu, there newly displays the puffs.

The intelligent charging function is very considerate. It displays not only the battery capacity, but also the time needed.


Pretty appearance, complete function, strong chipset, perfect performance.This kit is user friendly to new vapers and interesting to experienced vapers.

Experienced vapers can play curve and change the power interface. The output mode is multiple to satisfy your various needs. 

This Vaporesso Revenger Kit suits not for new vapers, but experienced vapers. If you are interested in it, use coupon coderevenger12” to enjoy 12% off!

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