Vapeman Steam Engine 75W Box Mod recently released by the brand Vapeman has already captured the eyes of many vapers.


Designers of vaping devices are getting inspiration from the outside world more and more. Wasp-liked RDA, PC case inspired box mod, transformer-shaped box mod, etc. Such designers knows both devices and people. Vapeman Steam Engine 75W Box Mod makes me think of the western cowboys with its gunset-liked style. Let’s check it out.


Vapeman Steam Engine 75w Box Mod is packed in a black square hat box, with its name being printed on it. AS the information at the back of the hat box shows, this box mod is designed in California, USA.


After opening the box, you will find the package contents, Vapeman Steam Engine 75w box mod, a little bag for storing the box mod, USB cable and a User Manual.


I’ve said that this Steam Engine Box Mod make me think of the western cowboys. As you can see picture above, its style fits for the cowboys pretty much. The whole box mod is completely covered by leather, and still some special parts are made of metal, the 510 connector, the fire button, adjustment buttons and battery compartment cover.

It weighs a little heavily with pretty good quality. It measures 63*28*85mm. At the 510 connector, there is a round plate. When it adapts to an atomizer of 28mm, there is no overhang at all. Just like the mainstream box mod, the fire button, screen, adjustment buttons and USB port line on the side orderly. On the opposite side, there is carved with its brand Vapeman.

The screen will be at full brightness while firing, and display information of watt, battery indicator, voltage, current and resistance.


The battery compartment is at the bottom. Slide open the metal cover, you will find the compartment is obviously for dual 18650 batteries. Is this the truth? I should say half the truth. This mod can be powered by either single 18650 battery or dual 18650 batteries, proving that the two batteries are connected in parallel circuit. Pretty special!


Even its maximum wattage is only 75w, but it fires fiercely to produce big vapor! See picture above 
One point should be mentioned greatly here is its DNA 75W chipset. As it’s officially said that the DNA 75w chipset can directly measure and limit the temperature of the heating coil during operation. By preventing the coil from becoming too hot regardless of fluid, wicking or airflow, a variety of undesirable situations can be prevented. For example, appropriate temperature settings will prevent the wicking material from charring., which compromises taste and introduces unintended chemicals into vapor. Appropriate temperature settings will also reduce the breakdown of flavoring and base liquid components, which could impact taste or safety.


The operation is instructed fully in the User Manual.

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