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Get to know more vaping tips from Urvapin! 

  1. How to Use Temperature Control Mode?

    For new vapers, it’s  pretty depressing if you don’t know how to use the TC (temperature Control) mode of your vaping device. It is just like you don’t know how to use some of the functions of you...
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  2. How to Clean Fancy Coils –Coil Maintenance!

    How to clean fancy coils? Have you ever had a problem to do the coil maintenance? Or do you just throw the burnt coils away? That’s too wasteful! Fancy coils (also understood as twisted coils or inte...
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  3. How to Clean Atomizers—Atomizer Maintenance

    Is atomizer maintenance necessary? Do you clean your atomizers after vaping? The answer surely is yes! How to get rid of the oil smell in the atomizer? How to wash the atomizer? Any matters need atte...
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  4. What is the difference between RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA?

    RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA, what’s all the about? Do you know how to sort them out? Just like shopping for a proper pair of shoes for a special occasion, there is also need for you to know how to choos...
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  5. 5 tips from an Ecig player to all those new to mech mods

    First, the new player should avoid using the mech mods with no protective chip. He or she can have a try after having a full knowledge of how to make atomizer chip, basic electronics Information, se...
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