With the performances of mods becoming more and more homogeneous, vapers start to pay more and more attention on appearance of mods. Today, I will bring you a mod with stunning appearance, the USV-L 75W box mod!


The design of the package is very classy and matches with the stunning appearance of the mod. It adopts a square black hat paper box, see the pictures above. At the bottom of the box, there is printed with slogan and content lists: a USV L 75w box mod, a dice, USB cable, user manual and a warranty card.


The mod body is made of aluminum alloy and the shell is processed with anodizing technology. On top of the mod, there is laser-engraved with USV logo. At the top and back of the box, there is laser-engraved with the vector graph of space station.

The overall design of USV L 75W is very fashionable and has the feel of scientific fiction. The size 83.6*44.6*25.4 is quite simple to hold. The anodizing processing of the surface ensures the stability of the paint on the mod. Together with the stealth screen and the adjustment buttons, it gives the vapers an impression of integral whole.


The side faces of the mod are composed by two L-shaped panels. By changing the panels, the appearance of USV L 75w mod can be changed completely (you will not have to buy a new mod when you get tired of the mod at your hand). If you disassemble the L-shaped panel the side where the fire button is on, you will see the stealth screen and adjustment buttons (and the USB port).

The 510 connector is spring-loaded with strong elasticity. Though the connector doesn’t overtop the surface of the box mod, the high wear-resistance of the anodic coating is enough to resist the long-term loading and unloading.

Each L-shaped panel has six strong magnets on it to ensure the tightness of the connection. But inside of the box mod, there are ten strong magnets hidden in it. In order to chase for a tough shape, USV L-75W adopts right angular design. Though it is slightly processed with rounding chamfer technique, it’s not so comfortable as the other mods of rounded corners.

Inside of the box mod, there is printed with the words “United Society of Vape”. The inside of the mod shows in a concave shape (or you can say C shape) The concave space is for installing the battery.

It adopts a gold-plated spring-loaded electrode with 8mm diameter. The elasticity is pretty strong and can ensure the stability of the battery inside of the battery compartment. The diameter of the arc-shaped positive electrode also reaches 5mm, ensuring the passing rate of the electricity current.


The compartment is made of plastic with excellent processing technique. You can clearly see the positive and negative marks to avoid false installing of the battery.

The details of the pattern on the shell is very clear and the classic pattern is quite a feast for the eyes.


The box mod adopts VO75 chipset. I can say this chipset is one of those perform the best among the 75w chipsets. It has various modes, bypass mode, TC mode, VPC mode and AC mode.

Output voltage: 0.5V-8.5V

TC range: 100℃-300℃/ 212℉-572℉

Supporting coil materials: KA(A1 and NI80)/ Ni/Ti/304,316 and 317 Stainless Steel.

Resistance: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω

This box mod is impeccable on its output, but since it’s single-battery mod, its duration is an obvious weakness. Therefore, I recommend the single-battery mod users to use coils of high-resistance.

Use general data (Kanthal A1 coil, 0.6 wire diameter, 3.0 circle diameter, dual coils of 0.2Ω) The effect picture of maximum 75wattage. You can see the delay is extremely short. From its being turning on to full-wattage output, the time is extremely short and the output is very rapid and furious.

--Advantages and Weaknesses--


  1. Excellent capacity
  2. Exquisite appearance and details, innovative design and high-level appearance.
  3. Completely made of aluminum alloy. Light and portable.
  4. The panel is changeable with long life span.



1. As shown in the picture, there appears some gaps on the mod.

2. Since it adopts a stealth button, vapers need to disassemble the panels to adjust and view the output, which is trouble some (a sacrifice for high-level appearance)


3. The hand feel is not very good since the corners are not well processed.

4. It adopts a single 18650 battery. The maximum output wattage and the duration is insufficient (and also because of the blocking of the panels, it’s hard for checking the remnant battery)



Though this box mod has some defects in details, it cannot conceal the high-level appearance brought by excellent processing technique and industrial design.

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