New Vapers check out the device we are going to talk about today --Tesla Terminator starter kit!

“What wattage should I choose?””What voltage should I choose?”

In the daily communication, new vapers usually have such questions. In spite that vapers are free of the trouble to build coils when using the finished coils, they still have confusions on choosing the wattage.

Surely, there are lots of cigarette alternatives applying” fool-style operation”, but most of them are positioned as “cigarette alternative” and adopt designs that can not be compatible with other atomizer devices. Today I will share a starter kit from Teslacigs with you guys. You don’t need any basic knowledge to operate this starter kit—Teslacigs Terminator.

The Tesla Terminator starter Kit adopts white roll-shaped package. In the package, there is a terminator box mod, a finished atomizer, a spare glass tube and sealing rings, spare finished coils, a USB cable, a certificate of qualification and separate instruction books of box mod and atomizer.


The Tesla Terminator box mod is supported by a single 18650 battery. Though its size is compact with only 80*36.5*22mm, it still features the same strong industrial style as Tesla Invader 3. Compared with Invader 3, Terminator has an extra 2A fast charging and supports vaping while charging. In using, it is more human.

It is said officially that the box mod is painted with black metallic paint and comes in four colors. At the two sizes of the box mod, there are heat emission holes connecting directly to the compartment. There are LED indicator lights and USB charge port on both sizes (beside the TESLACIGS LOGO). The compartment cover is carved with the TERMINATOR LOGO and the five convex lines on it which can add the friction force of the hand and can also play a role of decoration.


When you take a full look at the Terminator, it’s not hard to find that there is only a fire button on it. The silver-lighted fire button is somewhat incompatible with the body. The operation of terminator adopts the “machinery concept “. Your operation only need a fire button and the mod will automatically match output wattage for you.

The 510 thread is silver-plated. At the bottom, there is carved with relative information, max 90w, supports 0.1Ω, designed by Teslacigs, input 5V-2A.

The well-made compartment utilizes the combining form with strong magnets. When you open the cover, you can see the negative and positive signs (if the batteries are not installed right, the box mod will not be able to turned on normally.) Though the box mod is not equipped with the auxiliary bar to disassemble the battery, there is a sunken slot at the X position. Vapers can use fingers directly to get the battery out easily. There is no connection gap between the compartment and the cover, but slight wobbling appears sometimes.


Terminator is a box mod features single 18650 battery. It has stronger generality than the ordinary cigarette alternative and can connect any atomizers with 510 thread. However, if the diameter of atomizers are equal to or bigger than 24mm, the edge will be exposed. Picture above is a RDA of 24mm.

The matched finished atomizer is also named Terminator. The structure and style are both very similar to the previous Captain and Blade made by Teslacigs. From the Glass tube, you can see the huge filling hole of the finished coil. There are four such holes in total. For testing, I fill the tank with 60% VG oil fully and stand it for a night. It was found that only slight oil frying appears and no leaking appears.

Terminator Tank is still the ordinary structure of TESLACIGS RDTA atomizers. The coil connects directly to the top cap. Such structure decreases the length of the vapor flue and makes the vapor get into mouth through a shortest journey. In the light of the workmanship of the atomizer, there is no big problems. However, there is no burs on the black sealing ring at the bottom of top cap, but you might have a not very good hand feel.

The popular gold-plated electrodes are very common, while this unique TESLACIGS brand uses the silver-plated electrodes. When you disassemble the atomizer, you will see just several parts (not very many) which is convenient for cleaning. After you finish a tank and want to clean it, you can disassemble the coil and wipe the condensed liquid inside the base with tissue.

The terminator atomizer adopts the top filling system. The official instruction book suggests that the air inlet be closed before opening the top cap for filling. The inflow of the atomizer is positioned by a post. When you look into the inside of the airflow hole, you can see there is a buffer space. In actual use, the suction resistance of this atomizer will not be to empty. When the inlet hole is half closed, the feel of suction is very comfortable.

In the light of flavor, the reducing capacity of the oil by using the 0.2Ω coil is very satisfying. The overall reducing degree is very even. For example, when you use the fruit oil flavored mint blackcurrant, this atomizer will not amplify the flavor of mint, neither the sweet flavor of blackcurrant. All the flavors are very even.

There is no ignition delay. The simple single button operation is really basic. On the instruction book, there is the detailed information introducing the instruction lights. It can instruct the remaining capacity of battery and malfunction by different colors and glittering.

In the light of the atomizer of Tesla Terminator, there is no leaking problem and the oil deflecting speed is also satisfying to most new vapers.

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