Recently, Limitless company released a 200w high-powered TC box mod. It is officially said that this Limitless 200W TC Box Mod features three gears of explosion modes. It supports the minimum resistance low to 0.08Ω. Really few box mods can support such low resistance.

Limitless 200W TC box mod adopts the changeable side covers. Users can choose his or her favorable covers to decorate the box mod. The cover in the standard configuration are the ones showed in the picture with the logo of Limitless.

When you first hold the Limitless 200w, you must think this box mod features a built-in battery. Why? Because its width reaches a length of 63.5mm. A box mod powered by dual batteries will in no way have such a big size.

But when you open the battery compartment, you will find this Limitless is really a dual-battery box mod. The pole pieces in the battery compartment are all made of the gold-plated materials which can assure electricity transformation to a large extent.

The resistance for installing the battery is at a moderate level. The battery slots are not too tight. Obviously, Limitless is made to be a “fatty”. Its big size might bring surprises! Check it out!

The 510 connection is adjustable and can match most atomizers.

Official Specifications:

The overall painting of Limitless 200w is very unique. It doesn’t adopt the layering such as the mainstream nacrolacquer but adopt the industrial uneven layering. On the surface, there are some raised granules. Such layering can give you a visual effect of thick industrial steel.

Its screen is like a mirror. Vapers may have had problems such as the screen not light enough outdoors, unclear screen, easy to be scratched. But after using it for several days, it’s not scratched at my hand. Moreover, unless the sunshine is especially strong, the screen is visible enough under normal circumstances.

The resilience force is at a moderate level. The costume chipset screen and its operation are both different to the mainstream box mods. The layout of the screen is comparatively simple without too much information. It only displays the actual wattage, memory modes, output gear, actual resistance and the output voltage. The battery volume is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The memory groups are divided into three groups. The output wattage is adjustable in every memory mode.

The operation guide and function interface introduction of Limitless:

How to enter into the function menu:

Press the fire button three times continually to enter into the locking/unlocking modes. Press the fire button five times continually to enter into the function menu. Press the fire button to switch between the options and press the adjust buttons to choose options.

Adjustment of the three gears of output modes: When you press”-”, the letter at the top right corner glitters. Press the adjust buttons to switch modes and press the fire button to choose the option.

Adjustment of memory modes and adjustment of output wattage: Press”+”, the letter M1 at the top right corner glitters and the memory group starts to operate. To change the wattage of the memory group, you only need to press “-”. When the display of wattage glitters, you can press the adjust buttons to adjust it.

Here comes the most crucial part! The resistance of Limitless can be lowered to 0.08Ω. The output wattage can reach 200w and the mod features three gears output. Obviously, the designer means to make it a huge vapor producer. Besides, it features several protection modes which you can refer to the official instruction book.

You must have heard Limitless RDTA tank before. Today I will use this tank designed by Limitless to test the performance of Limitless 200w TC box mod. I build dual 22G/A1 coils of 0.17Ω on Limitless RDTA deck and use 80w at three different gears output modes to compare the vapor.

Maybe this can not reflect the violent output of Limitless. Next I will make a comparison between DNA200 and Limitless 200w under the same wattage but three different gears of output.

From the pictures showed above, we can easily see that under ST mode and PO mode, the ignition speed and vapor volume both surpass that of DNA 200w. Only under the SO mode, the ignition speed is slower than the DNA 200. It proves that the strength of this fatty Limitless 200w box mod.


The performance of Limitless 200w can well match its “fatty” body. The 200w output of its dual batteries in series connection is not inferior to DNA200 chipset box mod and even slightly surpasses its performance.

From the picture, we can see the fire button is paralleled to the panel and the position of the button is almost the same with that of many mainstream box mods. Personally, if the fire button could be at the Logo position on the top, it would be more comfortable to use. The side covers increases the playability of this box mod and “changing the decoration” can bring lots of fun to the vapers. Players don’t have to give up this box mod when they get tired of the single color and pattern. I have to say this small design is of great usability.

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