Today I will introduce to you the Joyetech eVic Primo 200W TC Starter Kit. The monotony of the mods emerged in the VTC period is in no way succeeded by this starter kit. Joyetech eVic Primo adopts three elements,  leather pattern, metal drawing and black flat lacquer, making it look more fashionable. The leather patterned paster is replaceable. There are spare pasters of different colors in the kit. Their hand feel are pretty cool and it’s very comfortable for holding.


The groove at the 510 connector on the top of the mod can effectively avoid the liquid from flowing into the electrode, thus protect the mod from damage. The push-and-pull styled battery cover can well seal the battery compartment. When installing the batteries, such design can ensure the steady work of battery. The layout of middle panel on the mod is very similar to that of the previous mods from Joyetech, and the screen is pretty big. At the same time, the pressing area of the firing button is also big and the pressing feedback is very ringing.


As a dual-battery device that can power up to a maximum 200w, the atomizer to match it must have very strong capability. The diameter of its top platform is about 25mm. The adaptability of the 510 electrode is pretty good. After installing atomizers, such as 528 RTA, Wotofo the troll RTA and some other atomizers with long electrode, on the mod, I found there was no gap around the 510 connector.

The box mod also adopts the self-made chipset of Joyetech. The operation of it is nearly the same to the previous Joyetech box mods, by pressing the fire button three times to switch the modes, quite easy. The box mod can be connected to the computer by the USB cable for upgrading the chipset and customizing the mod. At the same time, if you connect a RC accessory (not included in the kit) to the 510 connector, the Joyetech eVic Primo mod can be turned into a power bank to charge your phone.
The output of primo 200w is very average without the so-called violent feel. Its output stability is very high and the firing speed is good without delay. When powering an atomizer with 24mm diameter and fancy coils, this mod can still have steady performance.


Inside of the kit, there is a matched UNIMAX 25 atomizer. The diameter of it is 25mm, which is just fit for the width of the top of the box mod with great harmony. The height of the atomizer is much higher than the hot-selling Wotofo The Troll, and its tank capacity is pretty considerable.


The UNIMAX 25 atomizer is featured with top filling and top airflow system. In the light of the structure of the atomizer, this atomizer does not have the problem of leaking. Below the air inlet, there is a rubber ring that can strengthen vaper’s hand grip and can bring convenience for adjusting the airflow at the top.

Since the airflow system is at the top, the size of the coil looks much bigger. But the actual part for atomizing the liquid is not very big. The shell is for segregating the liquid and is as the part for internal air inflow. But the part for the liquid to flow in is at the bottom of the atomizer. The liquid deflecting efficiency of the coil is so good that can completely deflect all the liquid in the tank.
The appearance of the Joyetech eVic Primo is sturdy, business-styled and fashionable. When it matches the same-colored atomizer, it looks really pretty, and its output will not let the vaper down. The width of the mod is almost the same as the palm, and the leather pattern and its arc of the inner side will give the vaper a very comfortable feeling of hand grip. <p >The workmanship of the atomizer is not as good as that of the mod, needing improvements. Its top airflow system doesn’t have the problem of leaking, but when you vape, air will come in thus influencing the density of the taste a little bit.
All in all, Joyetech eVic Primo Kit in a large extent brings transformation to the appearance of the Joyetech mod series.

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