Vaping, as popularly known among teenagers and young adults nowadays, is the process of inhaling and exhaling vapor from a portable device called a vaporizer, colloquially known as vape. Vapes provide users with the simulations and actions similar to smoking, but without the process of burning tobacco. The hand-held device comes with juices of different flavors, coils, and waxes. There are even legal vape juices available in the market that contain a potent concentration of CBD.
Most teenagers or young adults start smoking because it creates a feeling of excitement for them. For young adults and professionals, however, smoking becomes a habit as an after-effect of nicotine. They depend on nicotine to survive stressful days at work or even problems they deal with in their day-to-day lives.

With the advent of vapes, however, smoking has been revolutionized and more and more people tend to shift from the traditional process of smoking to vaping. Here are the top reasons why more people choose vaping over smoking:

1. Negative Effects Of Smoking

Smoking cigarettes entails using heat, which converts solid chemicals to vapor. That means, in the process of smoking, you have to inhale smoke. Smoke contains partially burned particles that form tar in the body, which, in turn, has cancer-causing effects. Aside from that, smoke also blackens teeth and disrupts the normal functioning of the taste buds, not to mention puts you at risk of lung cancer and other respiratory-related illnesses.
Vapes, on the other hand, are powered by electrical charges that heat active components to the point that they are aerosolized. It produce vapors with minimal combustion. In other words, no smoke is taken into the body, but you feel the immediate effects with vaping that’s similar to smoking.

2. Support From The Community
The community of vapers is organized primarily to help everyone quit smoking. With the increasing popularity of vapes, different communities and support groups have been formed all over the world. Their mission? To help cigarette smokers stop smoking and save them from the dangers brought about by smoking.

3. Vapor Disappears, Smoke Lingers
Second-hand smoke is real, and science has shown it as a danger to everyone, even non-smokers. Second-hand smoke has been proven to linger in the air for about 30 minutes before dissipating completely. Vapor, on the other hand, takes as short as 11 seconds before completely disappearing.

4. Smoking Affects The Gustatory Sense
Have you ever seen a smoker enjoying his or her cup of coffee? Do you think they enjoy the taste of the coffee? Studies show that smokers lose their sense of taste when smoking because of smoke blocks the taste buds in some ways. With vaping, you minimize the intake of smoke, which will gradually rehabilitate your taste buds.

5. Vaping Saves Tons Of Hard-Earned Cash
Believe it or not, smoking costs a lot. A stick of cigarette a day would probably accumulate to thousands or even millions of dollars in a year.
With vaping, a $50 quality setup would serve you best for years. The things you have to purchase are the juices and waxes, and even those things drastically drop in prices. You can also DIY your juice and coils and save tons.
There are even great starter packs that you can buy online.

6. Reduce The Risk Of Fire
The National Fire Protection Association reported that cigarettes cause a third of fire fatalities. There have been cases such as a man falling asleep with a cigarette, which later on kills his entire family when fire from the cigarette gets caught into something flammable like paper, cushions, blankets, or curtains. Fires are preventable tragedies, and one way to prevent that tragedy is to stop smoking.
With vaping, fires would be impossible because there is no combustion involved.

7. Vaping Is A Great Escape From Quitting Smoking
Even with the use of gum, patches, and pills to quit smoking, the toll of the withdrawal syndrome lies primarily on your will to stop, which in most cases can be unsuccessful. Vaping helps you reduce nicotine consumption levels. You can start dropping from 12 milligrams to 8, then to 6, then 3, and 1.5 to 0 milligrams of nicotine. Most of the time, the process of lessening the nicotine intake with the use of vapes is completed without the feeling of withdrawal symptoms.

8. Vapes Smell Much Better Than Cigarette Smoke
Prolonged smoking also causes unwanted body odors. That is because smoke tends to linger on our skin and even our clothes. Vapes, on the other hand, are proven to smell better because of the flavors and fumes added on juices, oils, and waxes.

9. Vapes Go With The Trend
A lot of people feel that smoking is way too old-school and trivial. Nowadays, with the fast-paced changes brought about by technology, using vapes makes teenagers and young adults go with the flow of what is trending. With the portability, usability and variation of vapes, vapers look more hip and trendy using them compared to cigarettes.

Whether you are planning to completely quit smoking or are looking for some alternatives to cigarettes, take into utmost consideration the effects it would bring to your health. You must not jeopardize your health and holistic well-being by picking the wrong choices. There are always safer choices, and you just need to be pointed in the right direction.