Vape, also known as an electronic cigarette, has become all the rage recently, thanks to its promise of being a "safer" alternative to traditional cigars, as well as being a boost to one's social image. Much like tobacco was the cool thing in the past, e-cigars are today's new "in" thing.

Whether you are a smoker who is looking to find a way to curb the bad habit or someone who would simply like to find out what the trend is all about, it is important to note that not all vapes are the same. Because it’s aimed for people with differing tastes, electronic cigars come in a few variations, each of which is especially tailored to suit an individual’s preference.

What's Your Preferred Flavor?

Unlike traditional tobacco, which has a subtle difference in taste among each brand, the difference in vapes is a lot more pronounced and you can easily distinguish one from the other. For flavor, you would be choosing vape juice from the likes of cocktails, food, fruity, and tobacco blends, which is something offered by companies like Cloud Ride vape juice.

While it takes experienced vapers to identify which taste they truly have a penchant for, many traditional smokers who switch to using e-cigars find themselves liking the tobacco blends. This is a flavor that mimics the taste of any particular tobacco brand, essentially providing switchers something familiar.

To those who are feeling adventurous, vapes offer a wide variety of other flavors that can either be a selection between fruity (grape, mango, and watermelon) and food (cake, pizza, and wafer), as well as mixtures among the available options to create some new and exotic flavors.

Then, there are also the alcohol-inspired flavors that include wine, brandy, and beer in addition to cocktails.

How Strong for the Nicotine?

The very same component that makes cigarettes addictive is still found in vapes. But unlike traditional packed cigars, electronic cigarettes come in a variety of nicotine strengths, ranging from low, medium, to high.

  • Low: Contains no more than 6mg, which is ideal for light smokers who only smoke half a pack or fewer per day.
  • Medium: Contains no more than 16mg, which is suitable for moderate smokers who smoke between half a pack to a full pack per day.
  • High: Contains up to 36mg, which is perfect for heavy chain smokers.

Finding the right strength of nicotine for your vaping is essential if you are looking for the perfect experience. Too little in nicotine strength will only force you to keep on smoking to hit the spot. Conversely, too much can likely give you a headache. To identify which level fits your tolerance, it is always wise to start at the medium strength and adjust from there. 

PG, VG, or a Mix of Both? 

The so-called "e-liquid" that is essentially the spirit of any electronic cigar falls on one of three possible solutions: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG), or a mixture of the two.

Between PG and VG alone, Propylene Glycol is said to be more flavorful but comes at a disadvantage of having less vapor. Conversely, Vegetable Glycerol is a lot more viscous and has a faintly sweet taste to it, but produces a lot of smoke.

But while having distinct features from one another, both Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerol are solutions that are compatible with each other. Hence, mixed solutions vary only by the ratio between the two. Typically, however, most consumers would prefer the Propylene Glycol-to-Vegetable Glycerol ratio of 40:60, which is said to provide the sweet spot between flavor and vapor.

A fair warning, however: not all people could tolerate Propylene Glycol as some actually have allergic reactions to it. If you happen to have smoked a pure PG or a PG/VG hybrid vape and manifested some symptoms such as itching, difficulty breathing, and having some hives, it means that you have an adverse reaction towards PG. Subsequently, this also suggests that you have to switch to either a pure VG solution or a mixture of PG and VG, but with the latter at a superior ratio.

Try First Before Buying

Given the diversity that comes with vapes in general, finding the right product for you can be overwhelming at first. The same is also true among those who have tried using an electronic cigar previously and are exploring newer options. It would be wise to try out a particular e-liquid solution first before making a jump to buying the product. In addition, there is also the price point to consider.

It is also worth mentioning that even those flavors you may already be familiar with may vary between brands. So, if you are buying a vape product that is unlike what you are used to in terms of branding, expect to experience something more or less different.

Final Statement

Given the variance that comes with vapes, it would be best to do research first by considering the pointers mentioned before delving in this latest fad. By doing so, you offset the chance of getting a bad start and, therefore, enjoy the experience.