As one of the biggest electronic cigarette brand in the market, Smok brand has released bountiful classic products. Here I’d like to bring you three kits, Smok Priv V8 Kit, Smok Procolor Kit, Smok G-Priv 2 Kit. 


Smok Priv Kit is designed to be portable and for new vapers. Its body is extremely compressed and its operation is extremely simple. You can vape it as a substitute of mechanical mod.

Its intersection surface is drop-shaped. It measures 80*24.5*34mm which is a really compact size. Its hand feel is pretty excellent. Since it uses the unique side fire button of Smok brand, you just need to hold the mod tightly with your hand.


In order to compress the size, the battery compartment cover is flip-open structured. At the left-bottom side, there is a USB port. Beside it, there is the charging indicator light. When it’s charging, it turns into red, and when it’s fully charged, the light will turn off.

The battery compartment is not completely insulated. The outer side is the original color of the metal and is also not processed to be insulated, but its safety is ensured. Its negative and positive poles are clearly marked and the battery cover is highly spring-loaded. After installation, it’s very solid and the battery cover will not pop open easily.

The 510 connector is not very big. There is also an indicator light on the top. When the resistance is too low, when you turn on/ off the mod, when you fire it, when it’s out of battery, the indicator will flash or will be always on to notice its state.

Since the output voltage is a fixed value, the specific output effect is decided by the coil data of the vapers. Of course, in order to ensure safety, the biggest current is limited by the chipset to 25A. That is to say, the maximum output is limited to 60w.

Why it comes to a kit together with the TFV8 BABY? Because its output has been adjusted to best match the resistance of TFV8 BABY tank. (But the type of coil head is limited.)

When you use the RBA atomizers with it, as long as you use the regular non-fancy coil, you can still get pretty good experience. Personally, I think such compact and colorful box mod is very suitable for women vapers.


This box mod has a very fancy appearance. The colorful LED light contributes to its beauty a lot. The colorful LED screen and the carbon fiber panel also give this box mod some sense of technology.


The mod is roughly in the shape of a rectangular, but its intersection surface is in the shape of octangle. The side panel is in the shape of rhombus and the fire button is in the shape of rectangular, which further improves its sense of science and technology.

Compared to some of the previous products of Smok, no matter its glossiness or its anti-wear ability, Smok Procolor improves a lot and its paint doesn’t peel off easily.

The battery cover can be tightly closed. The compartment is completely insulated with the positive and negative poles marked clearly.

You can see from its performance and data visualization that Smok has made great efforts. The output problem is that its marked maximum output is slightly higher than the actual maximum output and its firing is a little bit delayed (actually, it’s not firing delay, but it’s just that the heating speed of the firing output curve is a little bit slow and it takes some time to reach the maximum output wattage).

Since the OLED screen is colorful, the information on it is diversified. It displays the essential information including wattage, resistance, voltage, puff times and mode. When you enter into the main menu, the information is mostly displayed by icons, which is very visualized and easy for setting.

Through the menu interface you can see, the highlight of this Smok mod is the setting of LED light and screen display. Half of the menus are for setting the font of the main menu, the color of the interface and display time and so on. The color of the LED light, the mode of the light and the on/off of the LED light can be changed freely.

As a whole, the functionality and performance of this mod is very regular without uniqueness, but also without weakness. Its highlight is mainly its appearance. If you like such fancy style, then this kit may suit you well. 

—G-PRIV 2—

Smok G Priv 2 is the second touch-screen mod of Smok.

If you know the product line of Smok, you will know G-Priv is Smok’s flagship product. The appearance of Smok G-Priv 2 is not very different from G-Priv, but its size is compressed. The quality of the paint and its color matching are both improved. The color brightness of the dark red pearl paint can be changed according to different light angles.

Take the red one in the picture below. When the light can be reflected into eyes directly, it will present in fresh red, but when the light is not reflected into eyes, it will present in dark color as the color of the red wine.

The mod is full of corners, edges and lines, but its corners and edges are all processed to be round and the design conforms to ergonomics. It’s nice to hold it.

The screen definition and the UI is upgraded. The UI design is full of the sense of science and technology, and its operation interface is simplified. The sensitivity of the touch-screen is also greatly improved.

At the left side, it’s the fire button and the screen-lock button. I have to say, the screen-lock button is of great use to touch-screen button. Short press the lock-button to turn on/off the screen and long press the lock-button to lock the operation but the screen light is still on.

The battery cover adopts carbon-fiber panel with the mod name and the maximum wattage painted on it. Inside of the battery compartment, you can see four huge magnets and they are processed to be insulated. Besides, you can see two battery grooves.

The battery compartment is designed to be insulated. The gold-plated spring-loaded poles is of strong spring force. You may need great force to install the battery into the battery compartment. There is a strip for the convenience of taking out the battery. The positive and negative poles are marked clearly inside of the battery compartment and its workmanship is excellent.

Compared with the first-generation product, its workmanship has improved greatly. But its paint will need to be strengthened. The black triangle decoration at the two sides of the fire button is nicely processed.

Let’s see the operation. When the screen is unlocked, click Menu on the left corner to enter into the sub-menu, then you will see four sections. The icon at the top left corner is for setting the wattage mode. The icon at the top right corner, is for setting the TC mode. The icon at the lower left corner is for setting the screen display. The icon at the lower right corner is for setting the puff times.

As a flagship product of Smok, G-Priv doesn’t have the problem of firing delay and its maximum output is 230w which can satisfy most of the atomizers in the market. The marked lowest resistance is 0.1Ω (under wattage mode), but in actual use, 0.08Ω can also be used.

All in all, compared with the last-generation touch-screen box mod, this mod has improved greatly and can be ranked among the top box mods in the present market.


Unconsciously, Smok product lines have covered various of people. However, according to the pacing speed of Smok at present, it will soon release some highly distinctive products.

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