Vaporizers have gained popularity over the last few years for being a better alternative to smoking. Vapes can operate with wax, e-juices, herbs, or oils extracted from marijuana, which provide the smoker with the needed hit of nicotine or benefits of the herbs without burning paper and filling the lungs with tar and other harmful chemicals. However, buying one can get very confusing, as it may look like there are endless options to choose from. And if you didn’t purchase the right one for you, you could end up spending a lot of money on a vape that doesn’t satisfy you. There are a few things that you need to know when you're willing to get into the vaping world to avoid buying something that you don’t enjoy.
What to Consider When Purchasing a Vaporizer
Not All Vapes Are the Same
There are two main types of vapes; the portable vapes and the desktop ones. In order to decide which one fits you better, you should first know what type of smoker you are. If you smoke on the go, then a portable vape would be better for you, as it’s small and can be put in your pocket so you'll be able to take it with you anywhere you go. A desktop vape is not built to move around a lot; you will probably only use it at home. But these vapes are more powerful and have more functions than the portable ones. Desktop vapes, such as the Volcano Hybrid, have been built to last, and they meet the ISO quality manufacturing standards. They may cost more than the regular ones, but with the volcano hybrid 15% off discount, you can easily afford to get one for yourself. The Volcano Hybrid usually has a higher price tag that other vaporizers because the material it’s made of is top-quality. It also offers exceptionally accurate temperature control, which can rarely be found in any other vaporizer.
Which Liquid to Use
Once you’ve set your mind on the type of vape you’re going to get, start thinking about the liquid you’re willing to use. Aside from regular e-juices and nicotine salts, you can use flowers, such as marijuana and dry herbs, or you can use concentrates like oil and wax. However, not all vapes are designed to handle all liquid types. Some vapes can only handle oils and wax, and others can only handle dry herbs. The difference between using flowers and concentrates is that the former will provide you with a less potent hit. Flowers offers 10% to 30% concentrated THC, while the percentage goes as high as 40% to 95% with concentrates. This means that concentrates can provide you with more intense effects and less added chemicals. When you're purchasing a vaporizer, make sure you know your preference and which type of liquid the vape requires.
Heating Mechanism
Vaporizers have heating chambers where you can add your favorite herbs, wax, or oils. But not all vapes use the same heating mechanism while burning the liquid. There are two types of heating mechanisms, either convection or conduction. Convection vapes heat the air and filter it through the chamber in order to vaporize the oil. People who vape regularly say that convection vapes produce higher quality and tastier vapor. But they need regular maintenance and cleaning. When using a convection vape, you will find that it's common that the oil, herbs, and wax melt inside the chambers and on the screen, which may negatively affect the taste or cause the vape to stop working. That's why it's essential to clean a convection vape regularly.
On the other hand, conduction vapes contain an element that has to physically touch the herbs in order to vaporize them, which can give you more temperature control. Conduction vaporizers are known to be more affordable than convection vapes and are more user-friendly, which is why many people prefer them.

Don't shy away from asking as many questions as you want when you're purchasing a new vape. You have to understand everything about it, from how it works to what e-liquid to use. Knowing that not all vapes are the same and that there are endless varieties out there can make anyone confused. However, by knowing what type of smoker you are, setting a specific budget, and knowing your preferences, the process of purchasing a new vaporizer will be much easier. You can also narrow down your options by settling on particular dry herbs or concentrates and a specific heating mechanism. This will limit your options and will help you choose the one that suits you best.