Vaporesso is back with a new mod on the line. The Nebula TC mod was inspired and much more like an updated box mod of the Target Pro by Vaporesso. The word “nebula” is not only Latin for cloud, but refers to an interstellar cloud of dust and/or gases. Nebula also reminds me of the word nebulizer, which is something you inhale from. It makes a lot more sense than let’s say “Tarot”.

The Nebula is powered by one 26650 battery with a maximum wattage of 100W. But the Nebula is also applicable with 18650 battery which provides up to 80W of power only.

The ergonomic design of its battery handle has a rubberized finish so gripping this mod makes it convenient and easy. The futuristic gun metal look of the Vaporesso Nebula makes it aesthetically beautiful in every corner. The mod is Star Trek-esque not only in design but also in the sense that this is the next generation of Vaporesso mods.

Vaporesso has never been one to conform to the typical notion of a box mod, as we have seen with the Target series. The Nebula utilizes their latest chipset, the OMNI board, which gives you temperature control for Ni, SS and Ti, two custom TCR modes, wattage mode, bypass mode. We will take a closer look at the OMNI board and its features. I’m super excited to nerd out with these heating curves.

The OMNI board chip can supply you with 6 output modes: Smart VW, CCW, VT (Ni200/SS/Ti), CCT, TCR, and Bypass mode. These modes can be applicable for almost any kind of coils you’re using. I really enjoy the performance I get off the OMNI board with the Nebula. The temperature control mode is getting along nicely with my stainless steel builds and the ohm reader appears to be extremely precise, which is essential for proper temperature control functionality.

It also features multi-protection functions for maximum battery life such as Low Voltage Protection, Output Short Circuit Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Overheating Protection, Current Protection, Load Protection, Timeout Protection, and Anti-Loaded Battery Protection. Then the battery life I got out of the Nebula was pretty decent for one battery, especially with a 26650. By using temp mode and CCW mode, I was able to squeeze the most life out of one cell.

It looks awesome, feels great in the hand and is well-constructed. So it worth the money.

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