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Hey y’all, I have a couple of RDA’s to review this month, many thanks to our new sponsor Urvapin for sending these out.

The first up for review is the Augvape Templar RDA.

Velocity Clamp System (Easy to build for beginners)
Deep juice well
Three-layers airflow control

Stainless Steel 304
810 Derlin Drip Tip ( 510 adapter included)
Extra Frosted Bullet Cap
Insulator made of Zirconium dioxide (Dental fillings)
An Ultem Chamber Reducer and a gold-plated Squonk/BF pin are included
Colors: Black, Stainless Steel

Package List:
1*Templar RDA
1* bag of spare parts
1*Extra Bullet Cap

First Impressions

The Templar came packaged pretty much the same as the Druga and the Merlin in a circular tube like box, with the actual RDA protectively surrounded by foam (keeps it nice and safe) :yes:

This is a low profile RDA, and it is quite a small little fella at 24mm diameter. It comes with 2 top caps. A 2 section metal with adjustable airflow, and a 810 mouthpiece (there is also a 510 convertor in the box) and a frosted bullet cap. These both look pretty nice when in place. The standard cap directs airflow onto the coils from side on, and the frosted cap directs the airflow from slightly above (depending of course on how high you position your coils)

The standard cap has a what looks like a lazer etched logo on the side, and the logo is the head and shoulders of a knight (that actually took me a while to figure out!) And it has templar etched onto the top section of the cap. Overall it looks pretty nice, I do like these smaller low profile RDA’s.

The deck looks really nice, it is a velocity clamp style deck, supposedly easy to build on for beginners. And it has only one Titanium screw holding that clamp in place :oooo: (less to lose I guess!)

It has a Zirconium dioxide insulator (I have no idea what that is, but it sounds very technical! I just wanna see how easy it really is to build on!) but apparently this Zirconium stuff is extra tough… meaning it shouldn’t break.

It comes with a gold plated standard 510 centre pin that does protrude nicely below the threading, and included in the box is also a gold plated BF pin if you want to give squonking a go.

Top Caps & Air Flow

So the cap has two sections, three if you count the drip tip (which I don’t) The top section is what controls the airflow, and the mid section is where the holes are. You can turn the top section to open and close the 6 separate airflow holes one at time, giving you really good control over how much air you allow onto those coils. Either one at a time, or in rows (of which there are 3 x2) you can close the airflow down until it is really quite restricted. Open them all up and it is a nice airy draw.

The mid section has a groove on either side, on the inside, and the base has 2 notches. The idea of this is so when you pop the top cap on, the grooves and notches fit together to basically lock the base to the cap so that the airflow holes are in the perfect position for you coils. So unscrewing the RDA from the mod, you’re not just twisting the cap round and round. It also helps when twisting the top cap to adjust the air flow too. Now I like this, but I do struggle to marry up the grooves and notches to start with. I keep turning trying to get them in line, and find I’m really just over tightening the base onto the mod (I think this is just me as other people seem to have no problem at all lining them up! :roll:) Last time I ended up taking the top cap section out, so I could see where the notches lined up, after that it worked pretty well and does what it’s supposed too.

The bullet cap – I love this! Its frosted, so kinda see through, non-adjustable twin air holes on either side, and it also has those locking notches.

Templar Base & Coiling.

So the Templar has this awesome looking base and velocity clamp style deck, with only one screw! Just the one…. that one screws holds the whole thing and your coils in place. Now the only downside that I can see to this is that when you’re coiling the RDA you need to get both coils in place before you can tighten it down.

The inside of the Templar does look really cool though! Now on the Urvapin website the Templar is shown as being boxed with an Ultem chamber reducer so that you can use single coil only. However I didn’t get this with my Templar! :sad5: So it’s gonna be dual coil only for me.

Coiling… I made two clapton coils, 5 wraps, don’t cut the legs too short. They don’t need to be pre-cut, you can sort that after everything is in place and tightened down.

This really was soooo easy to coil. Place each leg through the hole, you may need to hold them with the first turn of the screw, but once you start to tighten it down you can adjust as you go along. Once the coils are positioned how you want them tighten down fully and straighten up your coils using your screwdriver or winding rod. Then you can go ahead and cut the excess from the legs. Just keep an eye on the actual coil and make sure you’re not chopping away at the end wrap.

Yep… it really is just that easy!

Pop some cotton through the coils, fluff it up a bit and tuck it into the base, and then just wet your wicks with plenty of juice… and vape on!

How does the Templar vape?

It’s a real cloud machine! My two coils came out at 0.2ohms, and I have been vaping this at around 50 to 60w, and really enjoying the whole experience. The vape is nice and cool, still nice and cool even at 75w plenty of airflow with the holes fully open. And the flavour seems to be pretty good too.

Closing the airflow down by one row,, and the flavour does seem to be a little bit improved. Close it down by another row (now just one row open) and this is a pretty restricted draw now but the flavour does seem a little bit more concentrated, and of course less air flow means a bit less vapour too. All in all no matter how you decide you like the airflow, you’re going get a pretty good vape from the Templar.

Using the Frosted Bullet Cap

Now I think the frosted cap is supposed to be the cloud chasing cap, and it certainly does seem like there’s more vapour from this one.

Flavour is still great with the frosted cap…. I think the frosted cap looks nice, and it does make it way easier when you’re topping your juice up as you can see the wicks. But apart from that, there isn’t a huge difference. Maybe not as quite as airy as the standard cap with fully open airflow.

Final Thoughts.

I haven’t got round to trying out the squonk pin in this yet, but I can’t see there would be any problems with it. You do have a pretty large juice well in the base, obviously if you over fill or over squonk with the airflow holes being level with the coils you will get some leaking (I haven’t had any though as of yet) And of course if you lay it on it’s side you will get liquid running from the airflow holes! :roll:

All O-rings have a good tolerance, and twisting the mid section to control the airflow feels nice and solid. Its not so loose that its going to easily twist, but its not so hard that you struggle to adjust it. And you can pick the whole mod up by just the RDA/Top cap if you wish (I like this, its how I always tend to pick my mods up) So those o-rings do keep the two sections firmly together.

The flavour is really good, and absolute oodles of vapour means this is really going to be a fantastic RDA for those who like to blow some clouds! I really am enjoying the bullet cap, and have a feeling that this will be my choice of cap for the Templar.

And of course it’s just an absolute doddle to build on, honestly…. you could do it with your eyes closed!… well maybe not closed, but it really is a super easy build deck, and I think even folks new to RDA’s and fitting their own coils will do fine with this.

Will the Templar be retired to the shelf? Well I always loved the Druga, and I still use it now for squonking, so I think the Templar might just take it’s place for a while and see if I can love it as much as I love the Druga (I’m actually pretty sure I will! :yes:) The Templar can be my ‘Knight in frosted armour’ :ting:

Ceekays Shack Score

I honestly can’t think of any bad points to the Templar, it looks great, it vapes great! What more could you ask. So the Templar scores a saintly 5/5 :happydance:

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This review reprint from here: Ceekays Vape review

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