Recently, a newly released box mod--Tesla Nano 120w by Teslacigs has aroused hot discussion in the vaping world. Its steam punk styled gear with deep-carved texture pleases the eyes of vapers!

Teslacigs Nano 120w does not adopt the common transparent Acrylic package but utilizes the paper box.  On the packing box, there is printed with the type of the mod, the picture, its Logo and decoration pattern of the gear at the two sides.  From the package we can see that Teslacigs company has made great efforts on this Tesla Nano 120w box mod.

At the back face of the packing box, there is printed with the features of the products, the packing list, warning content and anti-fake code as well as other regular content. The size of the bottom box is much smaller than the top lid which is convenient for opening.
The features of Tesla Nano 120w Steampunk published by the official are as follows; Steam Punk Style, 120w output wattage, zinc alloy die cast, OLED display screen, dual 18650 battery, toggle switch,  various modes including TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, TCR, KA, innovative flavor-control mode.

When you open the box lid, you can see there is a Teslacigs Nano 120W box mod, a manual in seven languages including French, German, Spain, Dutch, Italian and Chinese, a battery safety cue card and a factory certificate.

Me: er…why there is no USB cable in the package?

Teslacigs:  What is that carton beside your leg? Are you a collection freak? You don’t have USB cable?  And, do you see any USB port on the Tesla Nano 120w?

Well, this is just for joking.

That is true, there is no USB port on the Tesla Nano 120w. For charging, you have to take out the battery and to charge it with a charger.
At present, there are four color schemes released officially. What I show you here is the “antique copper” version. The reason why “antique copper” is in quotation mark is that the shell of the box mod is actually made of the material of zinc alloy and is processed into the color of “copper”.

By actual measurement, the size of the box mod is 89*55*24.5mm. Without batteries, the weight is 248g. With two batteries inside, the weight is 337g. Compared with other box  mods, Tesla Nano is very heavy in fact. It’s probably  one of the reasons why Tesla does not utilize the material of copper.

The battery compartment is designed at the bottom of the box mod. Such design is very fashionable at present and is adopted by many box mods.  The advantages are that such design will not destroy the overall shaping and is convenient for installing and disassembling the batteries. To open the compartment cover, you just press downward lightly and pull the cover at the direction indicated by the arrows.

Apart from the contactors at the bottom, the contactors inside of the battery compartment is also printed with the marks of “+”and”-”.

Tesla Nano 120w steampunk adopts a brand new chipset scheme. In the light of the contents displayed and the layout, it is greatly different from the previous products.

The contents displayed on the screen include resistance, wattage, voltage, battery volume and other irregular contents including output “special effects”, coil material and memory modes.  You can tell from the pictures below that the function of Tesla Nano 120w is very abundant.

After seeing so many functions, you may have worries on the settings.

Tesla Steampunk 120w nano has multiple functions, but the actual operation is very simple—press the fire button 3 times continuously to enter into the setting mode. By pressing the two adjustable buttons to move the highlights to the functions that you want to set and then press the fire button to confirm it. You can press the adjustable buttons to switch into different options and after you set it, you can press the fire button to confirm it and then exit the setting mode.

Apart from the regular output “special effects” including “Norm”, “Soft”, “Hard”, Nano 120w is also featured with the “User”(user-defined) output “special effect”, the so-called “adjustable output curve”. By setting differnt wattage outputs at different time to realize the “frequency conversion” output.

For example, when using fancy coils or huge vapor atomizers, you can set the wattage output a little high at the beginning. In this way the preheating time of the coil will be shortened and the degree of output will be improved.

Then you set the wattage back to the normal value to avoid the overheating of the coil, and accordingly to avoid burning of the coil and influencing the flavor of the oil.  At the end  you can set the wattage much lower.

For example, at the beginning, you can set the output at 120w to preheat the coil instantly, then you can set it at 80w to keep a normal output. After 1 second, you can set it at 30w-50w or even lower to avoid continuous heating and accordingly producing the flavor of burnt flavor. At the same time, when you are going to end drawing, you also don’t need full wattage output to produce so much vapor. A lower wattage is enough.

However, this is just the regular method of“curve setting ”. Teslacigs not only has  adopted this function but also made improvements on it.
In actual test, I found that when setting the mode, if you want to set the output as the maximum of 120w, then you have to set the maximum output value at 120w before you enters into the “curve setting”. Or the maximum output wattage will in no way to surpass the wattage that is set at the stand-by mode.  Is this a BUG? Of course not, instead, it is a very practical function.
By the regular curve setting method, once the you change the atomizer or the resistance, you will have to change the curve setting. That is because 0.16Ω and 0.5Ω has different performance under 120w.

The method adopted by Tesla Nano 120w is very smart. As long as you set the output curve and as long as the mod is under the same usage status, for example, the atomizers you use are all RDAs,  or the atomizers you use are all huge-vapor atomizers, and they can all adapt to the gradually-declining output curve but the resistances are  different, then you just need to set the curve and adjust the total output wattage when using the Nano 120w.  The chipset will calculate the corresponding output values on the curve according to the total output wattage, and the shape of the curve will not be changed.

That is to say, as long as you set the curve that you are accustomed to, no matter what data or what atomizers you change into, you just need to adjust the total wattage at the stand-by interface, no need to set the curve again. The chipset will scale the curve in equal proportion according to the settled maximum output which is very convenient.

Apart from the innovation in its function, the performance of Nano 120w also succeeds the previous devices of Teslacigs’ in the  performance of “hard output”.

Take a RDA for testing.  The resistance is around 0.16Ω.  I set 120W as the maximum wattage. The coil responds instantly to start working right after I switch on the box mod, and the degree of output is really strong.

The shape of the vapor reminds me of the “Invader III”. However, Nano 120w can reach such an effect by just 120w.  Obviously, the wattage of Tesla Nano 120w is really true to its name and even a little “modest”.
In actual use, the performance of Nano 120w is also the same.  The atomizers that I use on other mods at 70w to 80w, when use them on Nano 120w, I have to “lower the voltage” to 60w-70w.  Even under the “Normal”output mode, you can easily feel the explosion degree of it.

Especially when using the fancy coils at some other mods, users have to “increase the voltage” to shorten the time of coil preheating. But when using the fancy coils at Tesla Nano 120w,  as long as the voltage is in the normal range from 3.7v-4.2v, it can have good performance. Sometimes, you even have to lower the voltage to hold it.

Of course, too hard flavor is not liked by every one. Vapers who don’t like too hard flavor can use the “Soft”output mode or “User”user-defined curve output mode to adjust the flavor.

As regard to the design of the fire button, Tesla Nano 120w also succeeds the style of Teslacigs and adopts the big size button, of which the hand feel is very good.

The position of button forms roughly an angle of 45° to the horizontal line at the side. It is comfortable for using no matter your thumb or the index finger.

The Tesla Nano 120w also has a power switch.  Users don’t have to press five times continuously to turn on the mod, but only to switch it according to the direction marked on the body, which really simplifying the operation process.

The texture on the mod is processed into a very standard and fine condition. The fineness and the depth of the patterns are both improved compared with the previous Nano 100w. It not only has inner excellent performance, but also outer pretty appearance.

The unique design of the appearance beatify the box mod a lot, but it brings troubles when choosing atomizers. The regular atomizers are not able to match this steam-punk styled box mod perfectly. Accordingly, I suggest that users consider either the texture or the material when choosing the atomizers.
Users can choose the atomizers with finely carved textures, such as Maze V2 RDA ; or atomizers made of copper or of same color, such as Kennedy , Coilart RDAs. Of course, if you have the same-styled atomizer, that will be better.

I hope Teslacigs can develop an atomizer that can perfectly match Nano series box mods to satisfy the vapers who like steam-punk style.

In summary, the workmanship of Tesla Nano 120w is much finer than the last generation Nano 100w. Also the built-in battery is changed into dual-18650 batteries which greatly improves the output performance of the box mod.

In the respect of operation, the display functions are various, but it’s actually very convenient for using and simplifying the setting process a lot.

The size of box mod is similar to the regular dual-battery box mod.  But when it has the batteries installed in the mod, the 340g weight will decrease the advantage of its portability.
Any way, different people think different. I think light weight material does not match Tesla Nano 120w with such an appearance.

In daily use, I found that the energy efficiency transformation of Tesla Nano 120w is very high. That is to say, it is very power-saving.

All in all, Tesla Nano 120w not only succeeds the steam punk style, but also transcends such style in some way. It’s not only excellent in its appearance, but also in its performance.

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