Info: Teslacigs has just released an innovative and unique device named Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Dual RDA Starter Kit. Check it out!

To some vapers, “huge vapor” is just like a curse that cannot be broken. They always try hard to improve the density of vapor. That’s why multi-atomizers emerge in the market. But, multi-atomizers are doomed to be faced up with problems such as overlarge area and inconvenient operation.

Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Dual RDA Starter Kit released by Teslacigs is such a multi-atomizer kit. Let’s see how it performs.


The package of it succeeds the style of Invader 2/3, adopting the hat paper box. On the right side of it, there is printed with the picture of the kit. On the side of it, there is printed with the structural installation  picture and the after-installation picture. On the back side of the box, there is attached with a anti-fake sticker and the inquiry process.

When you open the paper box, the first item you see is the kit itself. Below the sponge are the two RDAs and the drip tip. The accessories include a small bag of cotton, Clapton coils and spare rings. Besides, there is a battery using warning card, certificate and instruction book.


The kit presents in a rectangular shape (including the atomizer). It measures 116.5mm high, 25mm wide and 56mm long. Its round and long shape makes it look just like a power bank, but such shape greatly decreases its volume and largely improves the comfort level for handling.

The two RDAs on the top and the drip tip for gathering the vapor also bring some unique elements to this kit. It’s really easy to tell it from other kits. The fire button is set at the side of the kit. Such a design can lead your thumb to touch the fire button naturally. On the left side of the fire button, at the bottom, there are two LED light. We will talk about its purpose later.

The kit in my hand is in the color of the original metal. Because it adopts a shell diecasted with zinc alloy, the overall color is a little bit yellowish compared with the stainless steel atomizer. The face is processed with metal-drawing craft and is painted with varnish. The battery cover stretches across the side face, giving the two sides an identical look.

On the top of the mod, there are dual 510 connectors. Inside of the threads, there are spring-loaded electrodes. The 510 connectors are made of stainless steel with strong anti-abrasion capability and anti-corrosion capability. Since the 510 connector has no extruding design, by assembling and disassembling repeatedly, the paint on the top will be abraded. But since the color of the mod is the original metal color, abrasion will have little influence on its appearance.


On the front and back sides of the mod, there are five rectangular-shaped heat emission holes in a line close to the fire button respectively. They are for dissipating the heat of the circuit chipset and the battery.  But the processing of the hole edges are slightly defective.

The surface of the fire button presents in an arc-shaped that is the same as that of the side face of the mod. It measures 19.5mm long and 11.5 wide. It is in a comparatively size. Such design can give a better firing experience to the vapers, and the vapers can also easily find the position of the fire button by the sense of touch.

At the bottom, there are the two switches for the two tunnels, namely the switches to electrify the two 510 connectors. You can choose to switch on one or two of the atomizers.

Near the heat emission holes, there is the indication of the lowest resistance supported.  When you vape with one atomizer, it can support the lowest resistance of 0.1Ω,and two atomizers, 0.2Ω (both 0.1Ω respectively).

The workmanship of the internal part of the battery compartment is pretty good. It clearly signifies the positive pole and the negative pole.  The poles adopts spring-loaded silver-plated touch points. There is a drawstring for you to take out the battery, which is quite easy to assemble and disassemble the batteries. There are four magnets with pretty strong magnetism between the battery cover. One point to pay attention is that there is a protruding point on the battery cover to lock the battery compartment tightly. When you install it, you should insert it into the shell of the mod.


This mod adopts dual batteries connected in series, and it is purely a semi-mech mod (namely it is only equipped with protective chipset but no unit for adjusting voltage). This means it will output at full power with the voltage between 7.4v-8..4v.
If the resistance is at 0.1Ω, and the standard voltage of a singular battery is 3.7v, dual batteries 7.4v, we take the lowest supportable voltage 3.7v,  according to Ohm Raw,W=U²÷R, 54.76÷0.1=547.6W.  Such horrible output is surely beyond the tolerance of our body, however, the mod has a limit on the current and the actual output will not reach such a high output. Thus, there is no need to worry about the safety.

To some extent, dual atomizers will add on the resistance, thus lower the actual output wattage. But the direct output of dual batteries in series will just beyond your imagination. Check the picture below.

Data: Rhinoceros A1 wire, wire diameter 0.6mm, circle diameter 3.0mm, 6 circles, quadruple-coil.

Picture above is the effect when using the A1 Clapton. You can see the vapor is really huge. There is no need to do the preheating. Let’s see the effect of the Clapton coil manufactured by the original factory.

From the picture above, you can see the coil manufactured by the original factory can produce huger vapor (the vapor particle is bigger, the range is wider) with rapid explosion. This will produce better flavor and more vapor.

When it comes to its taste, the density of the liquid can cover all. The flavor layering will be largely lowed by its strong density. But the reduction of the oil is pretty good!

--Atomizer Structure and its Analysis--

The atomizer base has a structure of dual posts and four holes. It’s quite easy to install coils on it.  The air hole is designed in a classic structure—bottom airflow system, in arc-shape, which is for the convenience to fill liquid into the middle part of the atomizer. But if you don’t control the flow well, the liquid will spill out from the air inlets.

Undoubtedly, the bottom airflow system is good for improving the taste. The only point that you need to pay attention is that you should reserve enough distance to make the bottom of the coil be rightly above the airflow holes. The distance between the bottom of the coil is a factor influencing the taste. If the distance is too close, the vapor will be too hot; if the distance is too far, the taste will be too light. I recommend the distance to be between 1.5mm and 5.5mm.

--Problems and Phenomena--

It could be said that this mod is designed for the vapers who like huge vapor. No matter the difficulty for adjusting the coil, or the violent output, both of them indicate that this mod best fits for experienced vapers. When I first vape on it, because I was not mentally prepared, I got choked to cough by the huge vapor.

The density of the flavor is unprecedented. One minute later, the temperature of the vapor will rise up sharply. Whether you can accept it varies with different people. And one thing to pay attention is that when you install the battery, the output voltage is 8.4v. Please be prepared that the vapor might be overheated.


It can be said that this box mod is designed for vapers who like huge vapors. Its super strong output, super huge vapor and super dense flavor, all of these features greatly attracts the vapers who are limit chasers. But to the new vapers, the difficulty to adjust the coil, the overstrong vapor, the high standard to match the coil and cotton, all of these are great challenge to them.

Everything has two sides. Unavoidably, this box mod also has some problems.  The output is unadjustable. You can only change the data of the coil to do the adjustment. Besides, the condensed liquid is easily to be collected at the 510 connector and the power consumes very quickly. But all these problems cannot conceal the unique feature of this box mod—incomparable huge vapor and the density of the vapor is also very exaggerated!  

Undoubtedly, the positioning of Tesla Biturbo Mech Dual RDA Starter Kit is quite obvious. The huge vapor and the violent output give you a great experience of dense flavor. If you want to try the limit effect of vaping, you might as well have a try on this vapor monster.


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