Stentorian Basilisk 200W Box Mod

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Stentorian brand might not be very familiar to many vapers, but you may know the hot-selling Stentorian AT-7 100w mod and bottom-feeding box mod Stentorian Vapor RAM.

Here I will share with you another Stentorian product--Stentorian Basilisk 200w box mod.

Features and Specifications:
Chip: Stentorian Chip
Dimensions: 85*55*26mm
Thread: 510 threaded connection 
Battery: Dual 18650 battery
Max Wattage: 200W
Output Voltage : 4.2V
Resistance range: 0.1~3.0 ohm

1 * Basilisk Box Mod


Stentorian Basilisk box mod is a VV device. It is made of metal material and resin. It has pretty nice appearance just as the

Stentorian AT-7 100w and Stentorian Vapor RAM does.

The gap between the metal frame and resin is very small and highly integrated. The match of metal and resin makes the device look very adorable and lower the weight of device in a big extent. After you install the batteries in it, you will have a very good hand feel. The skin-friendly resin material and well-processed corners and edges both give the Stentorian Basilisk box mod a cool hand feel.


The three buttons on the Basilisk box mod all adopt concave design. The press of the three buttons is more stable and comfortable than the general design and has firm press-feedback. The screen in the middle is huge with much clearer and intuitive information.


What is interesting is that there are several pieces of transparent spacers (for inserting under the atomizer) in the package. In actual use, you will find the spacers are of great use. In one hand, it can prevent the mod being scratched by the bottom of the atomizer. On the other hand, it can prevent the condensation from leaking into the 510 connector. Though you will have to do one more operation with the spacer, the result of using it is surely good after actual test.


The battery cover adopts spring-loaded push-pull structure. The installing of battery is just like changing box magazine. The elastic force of the battery cover is in modest degree. Such structure is very convenient for disassembling and assembling the battery. There are three strips on the battery cover to add friction for opening the battery cover. The opening at the edge is for emitting the heat.


Basilisk doesn’t have TC function, but only three different degrees of output and curve output function. Benefiting from the advantage of big screen, you don’t have to enter into the secondary menu. All the adjustments and options can be switched only by buttons and combination of buttons, which is very user-friendly to new vapers.

The picture above is the firing effect of Basilisk box mod: 0.12Ω resistance, 90w output, powerful mode. Using Basilisk box mod can change users’ recognition on VV device’s firing speed and violence. It is especially violent. For those people who like fancy coils and low resistance, the output of Basilisk box mod will be absolutely satisfying.


  1. The spacer for the atomizers can prevent abrasion of the box mod and can prevent the condensation from leaking into the 510 connector.
  2. Super quick firing speed and super violent output.
  3. Nice appearance and comfortable material
  4. Maximum wattage 200w
  5. Spring-loaded push-open structured battery cover is convenient for installation.

Cons: It doesn’t have TC function which is not good for vapers who like TC function.

In fact, some vapor friends surely doesn’t care about TC function at all. If you are looking for a box mod with super fast firing speed and super violent output, Stentorian Basilisk is a good choice for you!

Use coupon code “basilisk12” to enjoy 12% off!

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