SMPO MT 420mAh 1.7ml AIO Vape Pen - Chinese version

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If you just want to look for an electronic cigarette for quitting smoking, and you have totally no interest in knowing what is resistance, voltage, ohm, wattage, and other technical nouns. Choose SMPO MT! Use coupon code "smpo12" to save 12%!

The product SMPO MT, I’m going to introduce today, is very similar to Phix. But regarding the problems that have appeared with Phix, SMPO MT has made improvements on them to upgrade the user experience. Its battery capacity is increased in order to lengthen the duration time. Its structure is upgraded to better avoid damage. There is few possibility for vapers to suck in the condensation when using SMPO MT, but SMPO MT made further improvement to reduce the condensation. Let’s well check it out! 


Full name of MT is SMPO MT. SMPO is an experienced tobacco company in the UK. MT is a tiny ecig designed cooperatively by SMPO and a tobacco company in China. It is mainly designed as a substitute of cigarette and for quitting smoking.

Size: 11.5mm*19.1mm*91.84mm

Battery capacity: 420mah

Pod capacity: 1.7 ML

The pod can bear 400 puffs and the duration time of the battery can bear 300 puffs. Its duration time is 1.5 times of that of Phix. The battery has a pressure-boost chipset in it, with which, the output can fire up to 12w. It can well propel the heating core of the cartridge. Magnets are adopted between cartridge and mod, and between mod and charger. Such connection is very convenient!

If you just want to look for an electronic cigarette for quitting smoking, and you have totally no interest in knowing what is resistance, sucking resistance, voltage, ohm, wattage, liquid deflecting and other technical nouns, keep reading!


SMPO MT will take you only 3 seconds to start vaping with it. What you need to do is only insert the cartridge into the mod and suck it with your mouth. There is no buttons, no need to refill or adjust the voltage. Even an 80-year-old man will be able to use it.

Get haunted after 5 puffs

MT has a super high transmission efficiency of nicotine. The closed cartridge contains 5mg (content of nicotine) e-liquid processed with ionization treatment. Generally, smokers with smoking experience of two or three decades will be haunted by nicotine after several puffs. Eagerness to smoke is not only an addiction caused by old habits, but is also because of that your body is dependent on nicotine. MT cartridge contains 5mg nicotine. Vapers can relieve their addiction with several puffs. It is truly a treasure for reliving addiction. Many people vape not for showing off or entertainment, but simply for quitting smoking. Vapor produced by MT is not very huge, so it will not influence the people around you. Also, you don’t have to vape it like having a cigarette in your mouth for a long time. It is a quite good fit for people who wants to smoke. People smoke always because of addiction, and the features of MT can well suits the habits of smokers. When you feel the addiction, you just vape several puffs. You afraid that it cannot be a substitute for cigarette? You can be assured that when you are haunted by nicotine, you will feel sick to keep smoking. Dizziness caused by excessive intake of nicotine will make you more uncomfortable than drunkenness does to you. You will not want to smoke a cigarette any more.

Taste of MT

MT utilizes patented porous material for deflecting liquid and heating. Porous material can also be called ceramics but it is different from ceramics. The inside part of porous material is the heating wire for heating. Later, I will show you the cartridge structure and heating techniques of MT. Taste is a feature based on the judgement of personal experience. So I will not say whether its taste is good or bad. According to a reliable saying about atomizers, under the condition that the heating speed is ensured, the larger the heating area, the richer the flavor. MT is a tiny electronic cigarette with small heating unit, but porous material can be used for heating and vaporizing liquid. Therefore, compared with other tiny electronic cigarette, its flavor is comparatively richer. The feel of throat-irritating is mainly from nicotine. MT contains 50mg liquid which has been processed with ionization technique. Vapers don’t have to worry that it will irritate throat too much. Ionization technique can smoothen the nicotine for inhaling. Moreover, tiny electronic cigarette only gives out very few vapor. Therefore, most of the general vapors can accept this 50mg. I don’t mean this liquid doesn’t bring the feel of throat-irritating, but it’s just negligible when compared with that brought by common-sized electronic cigarette. When comparing with other tiny electronic cigarette, its throat-irritating is a little heavy to me with over 20 years smoking experience. Otherwise, when you vape it, it will just feel like vaping air!

Disassembling of MT Cartridge

The air inlet and electrode are located at the bottom of the cartridge. In picture above, the 1-shaped hole in the middle. The maker has tried hard to adjust the gap between the cartridge and top of the mod thus to adjust its sucking resistance to reach the sucking resistance of cigarette. When the cartridge installed into the mod, its positive and negative electrodes will connect the two spring-loaded electrodes on the top of the mod. After using MT for nearly two month, bad contact has never occurred.


After disassembling the bottom of the cartridge, there is also a spacer at the bottom of the airway, similar to that in the drip tip. The spacer here is for evenly deflecting the liquid into the heating unit at the bottom and can also prevent the cartridge from leaking after long-time standing.

The round and yellow accessory in picture above is the patented material of SMPO MT for heating and deflecting liquid.


The cartridge of MT is small, but it is composed of many tiny accessories. The metal accessories at the bottom of the cartridge (showed in the picture above) can only be disassembled by force and is difficult to be restored. Surrounding the heating unit, there is a silicon circle for sealing the cartridge. I have to say, its sealing effect is pretty good. In general use, it will not leak and very few condensation will appear at the bottom. You just need to clean it sometimes. Even in the limited situation of being carried onto the airplane, the unsealed  cartridge merely leak because of high negative pressure. It’s said that all the cartridges have passed the negative pressure test and all the liquid has passed the soak test. Tips: If the cartridge has already been unsealed before you landing the airplane, you must place the cartridge upside down. Don’t place it upright, or it will leak. The new one that has not been unsealed is OK for carrying.

The user experience of MT is pretty good, not only because of its high nicotine (Everyone can copy it) But the core of the patent can not be copied easily. From the amplified picture above, you can see the dense pores on it. These pores can absorb liquid in the cartridge, deflect liquid and help heat. The size of electronic cigarette can not be made big. MT utilizes this porous material for heating and enlarge heating area to enhance the vitalization of vapor.

After crashing the core, you will find the heating wire inside of it. The heating wire inserts into the porous material less than 1/3. The heating area is small and will not influence the heating speed very much. Instead, when the temperature heats up, the heating efficiency of every puff will higher than the core which utilize cotton as liquid deflecting material.

Every product has its exclusive feature. As a substitute of cigarette, its duration time is long enough. It has super high nicotine transmission efficiency. The cartridge is well designed for preventing the condensation being sucked into mouth.

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