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Before the function of “temperature control” was released, it surely aroused great attention in ecig industry and among users. However, after actual using, users didn’t feel much difference. Moreover, the operation of temperature control is very troublesome, therefore, “TC” function is just unworthy to most users.  

Lots of vapers even don’t know what the “TC” function of the mod they bought is for.

Even worse, many other “black technologies” have already been forgotten. For example, “heating patch”, “Notchoil 316 stainless steel coil”, “Super-long spring coil ” of “Teslacigs AIO”. Most people have already forgotten these creations.

In my opinion, the major concern of users is their experience. They couldn’t feel obvious difference, thus they didn’t have the motivation to buy the products.

However, another new technology is well liked by most vapers. That is “ceramics deflecting liquid”.


Don’t glance at your ceramic cup on the desk. That ceramic cannot deflect liquid.


Ceramic material is a sort of inorganic non-metal material, which is formed and fired by natural or synthetic compound. It has the advantages of high melting point, high hardness, high wearing resistance, high anti-oxidation. It can be used as structural material, cutter material. Because ceramic also has other special performance, it can be also used as functional materials.

In the application of electronic cigarette, the technique of ceramic deflecting liquid utilizes the coarse surface of ceramic materials and the pores inside of ceramics to transmit liquid. It can replace cotton and resist high temperature and dry burn. The main feature of it is that its flavor is very pure, the reduction degree of liquid is very high and the layerings are very clear.

Since “ceramics” has so many advantages, why it doesn’t become popular?


Let’s make the analysis. Firstly, ceramic technique will need to have coils inside of the ceramic. This is the typical configuration of “finished products”. The finished atomizers are simple and convenient for operation. At present, it has not well accepted by the majority of users, resulting in the mild popularity of ceramic technique.

Secondly, the atomizers with ceramics built in heats up really high and their heat dissipation is not very good and can easily result in high temperature of the device. Moreover, when the wattage goes high, the liquid deflecting performance is also not good.

The most essential is that the ceramic technique in the early time is not good and the rate of good product is very low. Moreover, the surface of the ceramics must be coarse, and the more the porous, the better the liquid deflecting. In this way, its intensity will be not strong enough, and the loose ceramics will produce scraps easily and influence the popularity of ceramics.

But surprisingly, ceramics material helps the next generation cigarette substitute -- vape pen.


Since the appearance of JUUL and Phix, the simple-to-use “vape pen” arouses the high attention both inside and outside of the ecig industry. Under the situation that the market is in short of new selling points, this new vape pen is like a cardiac stimulant. Various brands start to research relative products, which propels the technical innovation of vape pens.

To tiny e-cigs, flavor is the most important thing. If it doesn’t taste good, it means it loses its competitiveness.

Since its size is tiny, its battery capacity, atomizer structure and tank capacity are all limited. Therefore, ceramics, which can effectively improve flavor, start to be applied to vape pen products.

Because of the features of vape pen, it can be powered by not very high wattage. The weakness of liquid deflecting and high temperature doesn’t exists. Together with the upgrading of craftsmanship and the enclosed structural design, the hardness and reliability of material improves greatly. Vape pen becomes the best stage for ceramic material to exert is strengths.


What I’m gonna to share with you guys today is a vape pen made of ceramic material. It’s Smpo MT vape pen.


Smpo MT adopts the common-used split-type design of vape pen and is separated into two parts--mod and cartridge. The cartridge contains 1.7ml liquid and works as a standard atomizer.

Inside of the package, there is a mod with 420mah capacity, a cartridge and a USB cable. MT measures 11.45cm long, 1.9cm wide, 1.15cm thick. The length of cartridge is 4.55cm.


Mt adopts an arc shape. Its bottom and top sections presents in a willow-leaf shape. Its hand feel is very nice.

The USB port is designed at the bottom of the mod. At the two sides, there are two magnets with strong magnetic force. They can adsorb to the iron patch inside of the USB port for fixation.

When it’s being charged, its LED light will be on. When it’s fully charged, it will flash several times and then goes off. Though the specific parameter of current is not published officially, the charging speed is very fast when connecting a laptop (500mah current), which offsets the small battery capacity.


There is a protective sleeve at the lower part of the cartridge. You will need to take it off before you insert it into the mod. The sleeve can also cover the drip tip to prevent the foreign bodies going into the drip tip.

Below the drip tip, there is a transparent liquid tank. The metal at the bottom is the USB port. The two metal contacts are the positive and negative electrodes, connecting to the two contacts inside of the mod.  


When you install the cartridge, pay attention to its directions.


The cartridge of MT can be disassembled easily. When you open the two clips on the metal at the bottom, you can disassemble the parts of the atomizer. Below the tank, there is cotton for deflecting liquid and also for preventing too much liquid from entering into the atomizer and thus cause leakage.


The core inside of the atomizer is the gray part in the picture. It is composed of ceramics and there is heating wire inside of it. There are two leading wires connecting the contacts on the base.


After disassembling, the MT cartridge can be reassembled. But if the contacts of the wires are improperly processed, it will cause short-circuit, open-circuit and disability. Moreover, it adopts the integrated ceramic heating units. General users will be unable to reassemble it.

But MT adopts the integrated ceramic heating units, its lifespan is much longer than the general cotton. So, users who have practical ability can disassemble the atomizing unit when the liquid is almost over. But don’t do more disassembling. Refill the tank and then install the atomizing unit back onto it. You will be able to use it again. It’s not very complicated.

Of course, you have to have practical ability and undertake the leakage problem caused by improper installation.


There are three types of cartridges with different flavor being sold in the market at present, including tobacco, flue-cured tobacco and mint fruit. The concentration of nicotine is 5mg.

Lots of people cares about how long a cartridge can last. This is actually the key element in daily use. After test, I worked out the data below:

For reference:

1.For users who only smoke half a packet of cigarettes, a cartridge can last for 5-7 days.

  1. For users who smoke a packet of cigarettes, a cartridge can last for 3-5 days.

3.For users who smoke 1.5 to 2 packets of cigarettes, a cartridge can last for 2 days.

  1. Data above is just for reference. Different using frequency will lead to different consumption.

In actual use, the improvement brought by ceramics is very obvious. It’s marked that the concentration of nicotine is 5mg. Its actual throat-irritation is comparatively strong. To smokers, they will not think ecigs are too weak any more.

Matching with ceramic units, the performance of the three types of cartridges are pretty good.

But for smokers, ecigs are just ecigs.  Just like that cigar and cigarette are both tobacco products, but their tastes are different. Therefore, don’t make comparison between cigarette and electronic cigarette. It is meaningless.

Moreover, taste of different smokers varies.

My point of view is that no matter the structure or performance of the next generation, they have both surpassed the products in the early time. As long as you have the determination and attitude, you can successfully replacing cigarette with CE4 such an old product. Moreover, the performance and experience of MT is much better.

At last, what I want to say is that market need will stimulate the upgrading and improvement of products. I believe, as the popularity of ecigs increases, there will be more and more “black technology” applied to the cigarette substitutes. After all, smokers are the most potential market of electronic cigarettes and is also the first door to enter into the advanced “players”. Whether this step can be well taken will be of great importance to the whole industry.  

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