Smok is one of the manufacturers that keep releasing products and is also an outstanding one among those manufacturers. It keeps bringing forth the fresh from the old on TFV8 series atomizers. Recently, it has released a new product named TFV8 X-BABY atomizer with a top airflow system. Today I’m going to share my usage experience with you.

It adopts the regular package and packing contents of Smok products, thus I will not give words to it here. It’s officially said that this Smok TFV8 X-Baby comes in eight colors, that there is a spare coil head in the package, and that you can buy the RBA set of this X BABY tank separately.

Its diameter is 24.5mm and it has a liquid capacity of 4ml. Actually, the shape of this BABY tank is hardly “BABY”, instead, it features a thick column in its appearance. If you see from its top cap, you can clearly see two strip-shaped airflow holes.

Its refilling system still succeeds Smok’s top refilling system. Its drip tip doesn’t have a regular size. Its diameter is comparatively big. Inside of the drip tip, there is a slight slope. When you see from the top, you can clearly see the vapor vent is different from the inner diameter of the drip tip.

When you disassemble the atomizer, you can see the airflow direction from the inside of the top cap, together with the air slots surrounding the coil head to form a top airflow system. Such design is not innovative but is adopted by lots of atomizers with top airflow system. It can bring the airflow to the bottom of the coil head and then the airflow turns back to simulate bottom inflow system.

There are two finished coils in the package of two different resistance, 0.4Ω and 0.25Ω. Outside of the coil, there is carved with the officially suggested wattage range. The milk white silicon on the top of the coil is for the purpose of sealing to prevent the the air from moving between the air passage and vapor passage. For atomizers featured top inflow system, its biggest advantage is to prevent liquid leakage at the largest extent.

Its structure maintaining the features of the TFV family, it cannot support lossless coil replacement. Here I gently remind the new vapers that you should fully wet the coil and adjust the wattage according to the suggested wattage. Once the coil is scrapped because of your misuse, you will have to waste a tank of liquid or suck it out.

As a whole, the slightly dry suction of Smok TFV8 X Baby Tank improves the empty suction resistance of TFV tanks. You can see the improvements of TFV series on its inflow volume. No matter its suction feel or its reduction degree of the liquid, they are both more excellent than the previous TFV8 atomizers, BIG BABY and BABY. If Smok atomizers are designed for the elementary users, then the top airflow system of this X BABY can be the best among the TFV8 series.
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