Smok ProColor 225W kit with 5ml TFV8 Big Baby Tank

Price : $59.99 $79.89

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The technical development of ecig mods has come to a period of stagnation. In a very long time, the manufacturers locked the breakthrough point at the appearance design. LED light is a very common design element of the mods. Today, I will share with you guys a mod which takes the full advantage of LED light. It’s the Smok Procolor 225w.

This Smok Procolor has seven colors in total, including black, green, purple, blue, red, silver and rainbow color.


There is an innovative design of shield-shaped LED light on Smok Procolor 225w kit. Through the chipset of the mod, the LED light can be changed into various colors. If you’d love to drink in the nightclub, you will attract lots of eyeballs with this Smok Procolor 225w Kit.

The kit is matched with TFV8 Big Baby atomizer, together with two finished coils, Q2 and T8. It has a maximum output of 225w and is powered by dual batteries. Its compatibility is beyond doubt.

The shape of this mod is very similar to Smok Alien. But because of the LED light, it’s much bigger than Smok Alien Kit. Its maximum output is 225w and is powered by dual 18650 batteries. It supports USB direct charging, software upgrading and temperature control.


It adopts the big fire button. With it, you can touch it easily with your thumb. In addition to the fire button, there is a rectangular element on both the fire button and its opposite side. Such design makes its appearance full of scientific and technological sense. In fact, the appearance of this Procolor kit is more alien than the Alien kit.


The paint on the kit is well polished, but the paint at the 510 connector can be peeled off easily after long time assembling and disassembling. But after the atomizer is being installed, you will not be able to see the scratches.

To match up with the appearance of shield, the appearance of the adjusting buttons in the shield shape are also specially designed, which is very similar to the Alien kit in actual use. On the carbon-fiber sticker at the back side, there is printed with the name and model of the mod. The overall workmanship succeeds the style of Smok brand.


When you install the battery into it and turn on the mod, then you will see how stunning this mod is. Not to mention the LED function of “shield”, Smok adopts a colorful screen. The screen resolution of OLED screen is very very clear.

When you enter into the menu interface, you will see all the mode options. All the operations on Procolor are visualized. For this time, Smok has made all-around upgrading on its chipset.


The core part of Smok Procolor Kit is its LED. When you enter into LED Setting, you will see the colors for choice directly (showed above). Additionally, there are also different light up options including screen on, vaping on, and etc.

Smok is a very mature and steady brand. Its innovative design of its LED light will surely attract your eyes.

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