As you all know, Smok brand has released a large quantity of vaping devices, from 50w to 300w, a dazzling array. Then what unique experience this Smok Osub 80w kit will bring to us. Next we will begin the review.  

First, let’s take a look at the package. Obviously, the picture on the box shows the color of this kit in my hand--purple. No need to mention the trademark at the top left corner and the kit name below the picture.

At the back of the box, there are some basic information and warning words, and the package list. This will be mentioned in the following text.


When you tear open the plastic film outside of the box mod, you will see the Smok-styled package-- black hat box and on the box you can see the trademark of Smok. When you open the lid, you will see the purple-colored mod on the upper layer made of foam. And there is a stray cord attached at the upper layer for the convenience that the user can drag it out.


Take out the items inside of the box, you will see the packing list including OSUB 80w, TFV8 baby tank, a spare coil, o-rings, a USB cable, an instruction book, battery warning card. It’s a little of pity that there is no spare glass tube.
From the battery warning card and the instruction book, you can see this kit is mostly for the new vapers.

The top cap of the pre-installed TFV8 baby atomizer is not fixed by the thread but the hinge. This makes the refilling more easy with no worry to drop or lose the top cap. You just need to screw open it and then do the refilling. Such top cap has another strengths, that is, it produces very slight intensity of pressure, thus alleviating the leaking problem at the coil.


The pre-installed coil and the spare coil are both dual-coils of 0.4Ω. On the surface of the coil, you can see the applicable wattage ranging from 40-80w, and the optimum wattage ranges from 55 to 65w. In actual use, I suggest you set the wattage according to your actual taste, after all, the features of every type of liquid are different.


On the front face of the box mod, there is the screen, “+”-”buttons, USB port and the trademark of Smok. The fire button is on the side face which is designed for the first web to hold. The actual contact point of the fire button is at the end that is close to the screen. The design that takes the other end that close to the trademark as a pivot, and the overall firing structure as a lever makes the firing more convenient and more labor-saving, and brings a very direct hand feel feedback. The mod is pretty compact and the weight is also at a medium level, convenient for carrying around.


At the bottom of the back face, there is printed with its belonging series-OSUB, the adapted battery--18650 battery and the maximum wattage and the controlling mode--80w TC.


The battery cover at the bottom of the box mod is a highlight of this mod. You can close the battery cover by just pressing the battery cover. The hand feel feedback is pretty good without lose closing.


It benefits from the spring setting at the connection part of the battery cover. You just need to move the black switch with your fingernails. The battery cover will pop up.Very humanistic! No need to use great efforts to open it with your fingernails.
Compared OSUB 80w Baby Kit with a pack of tissue, you will find this box mod is pretty tiny and compact, easy to carry around. It’s more easier to put it into your pocket than a pack of tissue.
Even though it’s in a compact size and powered by only one battery, but during the time when I’m using it, I don’t feel the battery is in weak power or the battery powers up with delay. With a full charge, it can last for a whole working day. Unless you loaf on your job frequently for vaping, there is absolutely no pressure for the mod to last for a whole day.
In general, OSUB 80w Baby Kit is a kit mostly for the new vapers. The matched TFV8 baby tank can produce excellent taste and huge vapor. The refilling structure is pretty convenient. The pre-installed coil and the spare coil are sturdy enough to last for a pretty long time.
The mod can support a maximum wattage of 80w, making it fit for most DIY atomizer and heating coils. The design of the battery cover and the switch is pretty humanistic and easy for operation and using. Though it is powered by only one battery, but it can last for a long enough time for a working day. <p >But there is no spare glass tube for replacement. The mod is in compact size, which is only suitable atomizers of 22mm diameter. <p >Based on the features of the product itself, OSUB 80W Baby Kit can be a pretty good choice for new vapers to move toward advanced level, but it’s not the best choice for the advanced vapers. For working day, Smok Osub 80w Baby Kit is absolutely enough to serve you!

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