Science and technology keeps changing lifestyle. The future is truly promising. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Interaction (VI) used to be only seen in scientific film, but has gradually entered into ordinary families in recent years, such as the intelligent speaker-Amazon Echo. At present, Smok I-Priv Kit, as the first AI e-cigarette representing the fashion technology in the future, has stepped onto stage in 2018 summer.


In addition to its stunning Voice Interaction function, I-Priv also has exquisite appearance. On its front side, it features a three-dimensional shape which is like an Iron Man. On its back side, it features a decoration of honeycomb pattern. Its entire body is symmetric on the left and right sides. All these features beautify this vaping device a lot.


The kit is paired by Smok TFV12 Prince Tank and I-Priv Box Mod. TFV12 Prince is a classic tank that has matched with many other mods. It performs pretty well both in flavor and vapor. I-Priv box mod is full of the sense of technology and can fire up to 230w with outstanding performance.


Additionally, I-Priv Kit is the first vaping device by Smok brand that can be supported by battery types including 18650, 20700 and 21700, which prompts the balance between device performance and battery duration into a new standard.
It’s easy to know that this I-Priv Kit stands for a brand new height of Smok flagship: Intelligent Voice Interaction, brand new menu system, 230W max output, excellent appearance, big fire button, compatibility with multiple types of batteries. What brand-new black technologies has I-Priv Kit brought to us on earth? Let’s check it out.


The one I received is a sample, but it’s nearly the same as the ones for sale.


On the front side of the package, there is a real shot of Smok I-Priv Kit. Its color is the same as the color of the real kit inside of the package. At the bottom right corner, two square icons are added, hinting that it supports Voice Interaction and different types of batteries. On its back side, there is printed with product introduction and packing list in English. On its left side, there is a QR code for downloading VapingTour APP. On the right side, there is the information of manufacturer and anti-fake sticker.


When pushing open the outer layer and opening the hat box, you can see the mod and other accessories are placed in two layers separately and are steadily fixed in foam.


Obviously, this Man-Machine Dialog Card is exclusive for I-Priv Kit. It clearly shows activation code, operation codes and the voice response of the device. Totally, there is one activation code and 13 operation codes, covering most of the common functions.  


The USB Cable in the package is of high grade, made of braided wires, aluminium alloy shell and anti-break spring. Such USB Cable was only seen in the package of the flagship device X-Priv Kit about half a year ago.



There is a protective film on the mod screen. Before using, you can peel it off.


Combining the tank and mod together, you can find the lines of Smok I-Priv Kit are very nice and distinct with attractive appearance.


In actual measurement, it measures 149mm long, 56mm wide and 35mm thick. The data of width and thickness point out the widest area and the thickest area. In fact, Smok I-Priv Kit is not in a regular shape. As a whole, Smok I-Priv, as a dual-battery device, is rather big-sized.

Without battery, I-Priv Kit weighs 282g in actual measurement. With two 18650 batteries, it weighs 373g. If 20700 or 21700 batteries are put into it, it’s much heavier. The device gives you weight, but also gives you a feeling of reliability.


TFV12 Prince Tank

First, let’s check out the TFV12 Prince Tank. This atomizer is the new-generation member of SMOK TFV12 Family, which was released in last summer. Since it has been reviewed before, I will just give it a brief introduction here.


Its actual length is 62mm. Paired with the lantern-shaped glass tube, its diameter becomes 27.5mm and its capacity becomes 8ml! While paired with the regular column-shaped glass tube, its diameter is 24.5mm and its capacity is 6.5ml.


The actual weight of TFV12 Prince Tank is 66g, pretty reasonable.


Structurally, this atomizer succeeds the tradition of TFV Family, only having 5 components. Even to new vapers, it is still easy to start. 



The paired drip tip is pretty beautiful. It gives up the old black drip tip of TFV series and utilizes a nice cobra drip tip with big caliber. It’s not only more excellent in visually, but also can satisfy needs of larger vapor.


On the top cap, there is carved with an arrow for indicating how to open it for refilling. Push open the top cap along the arrow direction, then refill the tank. This is one of the typical features of TFV family. Based on it, TFV12 has also upgraded with an anti-misopen button, which is a very humanized design.

When assembling, you can screw the coil onto the base first, cover the glass tube onto it, then screw the whole atomizer tightly. In this way, assembling will not be in a mess.


In the package, it is humanized that there are many spare parts for the convenience of long-term usage.


The most special of this TFV12 Prince Tank is that its capacity, size and flavor are all upgraded compared with the previous atomizers of TFV series. 

  Appearance of I-Priv Mod

As the yearly masterpiece of Smok, I-Priv has broken through both in appearance and function.


Let’s first check the data by actual measurement. It measures 96mm long, 56mm wide and 35mm thick. Compared with the two thin and dual-battery mods, Procolor and Alien, I-Priv is much longer, wider and thicker. But since its edges are  processed to be rounded, the difference of hand feel is not obviously different.


I-Priv mod weighs 216g. With two 18650 batteries, it weighs 307g. If you use 20700 or 21700 batteries, it weighs much heavier. Its material is pretty solid!


Looking from the front side, Smok I-Priv is very much like the battle suit of Iron Man: round reactor in the middle, abdominal muscle with assembled vision, unicorn horns on the two sides. Appearance with strong sense of technology and feel of masculine gives you an unforgettable impression.


The screen on the front side is in a round shape, decorated by a circle of red metal. It shows excellent displaying effect and the colorful high-definition screen also brings fine display. When you fire it, the halo at the outer circle will rotate, pretty dynamic!


In the middle of the front side, there are “+” “-” buttons sprayed into red. Its feedback is pretty ringing and the touch feel is very direct. The “abdominal muscle“,  which possesses the largest area of the front side, is the speaker and voice collector of I-Priv. Voice goes out from here loudly. Be careful that you don’t disturb others when using it at night. The tone quality is much the same as that of radio, which is clear enough for voice broadcasting.


The sides are rounded and the workmanship is of pretty high grade, bringing nice hand feel.


The carvings on the back side is much simpler than that of the front side. It’s like the back of the Iron Man, and is also full of the sense of technology.


In the middle, there is a rhombus sticker for decoration with honeycomb pattern. It has the same pattern as the back of X-Priv. In the middle of the sticker, there is printed with “I-PRIV”. All the details are finely processed.

The edges are also processed to be rounded. It not only strengthens the anti-slip effect, but also gives excellent hold feel.

The strip-shaped fire button is on the left side sprayed with red metal paint. It’s quite shiny as a decoration. The big fire button makes blind operation possible, which is the standard configuration of Smok flagship devices.

On the right side, there is a same strip-shaped “button”. But it’s not a real button. It’s just for a symmetrical appearance to the fire button on the left.

On the top, there is a standard 510 connection. The negative electrode is made of stainless steel material and can protect the top from being scratched. The positive electrode is made of brass and is spring-loaded. It can be compatible with various atomizer with electrode of different length. For elegant appearance, there are two shoulder pads on the two sides. This limits the maximum diameter of atomizer that can be compatible with the mod. The actual distance between the two shoulder pads is 26.5mm. Therefore, only when the atomizer has a diameter less than 26.5mm can be screwed onto the mods. But good news is that big-diameter atomizers are not very many on the market. Thus, 90% of atomizers can work with the mod.  


At the bottom, you can see a round LED light, a Micro USB charging port and a seam for putting in your fingernail to open the battery compartment cover.


This LED light is different from those decorative lights of the previous Smok devices. Its light is so bright that could nearly offend your eyes. Thus, it can be completely used as a small flashlight at night. In fact, I used it to brighten the lock at night so that I could easily open it. You might say, how can you turn it on since it’s so dark at night? Well, you can awaken it with voice interaction function.


The battery compartment cover can be easily opened with your fingernail. You can see a set of plastic battery sleeve inside of it.


This battery sleeve is for adapting dual 18650 batteries (18mm diameter) so that they can be used in I-Priv mod. The battery compartment of I-Priv is actually designed for dual 20700 batteries (20mm) or 21700 batteries (21mm), which can bring larger battery capacity and longer battery duration. But the most commonly used battery by vapers is 18650 battery, so the manufacturer provides a battery sleeve in the package. In this way, 18650 battery can be used with I-Priv mod. Since the battery compartment is large, the mod size also needs to be large as a sacrifice for big batteries.


Mod Functions

I-Priv is quite different from the previous Smok devices in function. It brings a brand new software and menu system of Smok. The round UI interface is quite unique, and the relative menu system is also upgraded. Though this UI system has come to the market for the first time, for experienced Smok vapers, it’s not difficult for operation. Because its operation logic is almost the same as the previous system. They can understand it soon and start to use.

I-Priv mod has three different standby interfaces when under different modes. (Pictures below were re-shot by camera. Actual display and color are more excellent. )


Press the fire button 3 times in 2 seconds, you can enter into the main menu (picture 1). Press fire button for confirmation and press +/_ for adjustment. In main menu, there are 7 secondary menus, I will give brief introduction to each of them.

Let’s see the first one--mode switching. Press fire button to enter in, you can see W(wattage), Ti(TC-Ni), Ni (TC-Ni), SS(TC-SS) and M(Memory Mode). Press +/-, you can enter into Ti (picture 2). Then press fire button, you enter into the interface for setting the wattage under temp control. After setting, press fire button to enter into the interface for setting TCR (picture 4). Press the fire button again, you can enter into Temp Control mode (picture 5). Of course, you can use the voice interaction function. Just by saying “TC Mode”, it will switch into TC mode.


The second one is Puff Setting. When you enter in, you can check the puff times, and you can also clear the present data. The third one is My Setting. That is to say, you will set the parameters under voice control.Every time you say “Higher Power”, system will increase the W value. In the picture, the increment is 5W, so it will increase 5W every time. 50W in the picture is the initial wattage when you enter in with voice “My Wattage” . Next is the Screen Setting. You can set its color and the voice code is “Screen Color”.


Next is Voice Setting. You can set the voice tone of the device into male, female and robot. Or you can shut down the voice control function. Next is LED Setting. You can set the light color, light switching method, light style and etc.


The last one is Power Off. Of course, you can say “Shut Down”to turn it off, but you will still have to press the fire button for confirmation.


Only when the screen is lighted up, the screen is under standby mode and the voice function is turned on, can you awaken the device with code “Hello I-Priv”. Any other voice will get no response, and you can not activate the voice function manually either. After activation, a beautiful animation will be showed on the screen. When the screen goes back to standby mode, the microphone icon on the top will turn from gray to sparkling  white and red, which means that it’s waiting for orders. If it doesn’t receive any order in several seconds, it will automatically cancel its voice standby mode until you say “Hello I-Priv”next time. In terms of order receiving, under quite environment, you just need to say relative code to it with ordinary volume. Half a meter is an ideal distance. At a distance of a meter, it can still receive your orders. But voice recognition will be disturbed by surrounding voice. Of course, it is a problem that nearly needs to be solved by all the voice recognition technologies at present.


Generally speaking, under quiet environment, voice resolution is quite satisfying. Of course, since I-Priv is not an Internet device, its codes are relatively simple. It only has one activation code and 13 operation codes, and it will not respond to any other voice. So, it’s still an ecig, not something like Siri.

In fact, when you install batteries into the mod, or when you press the fire button 5 times to turn it on, you will hear voice prompt“Hello Master, I’m Your New Warrior”. You will no its identity the first time you see it.

Wattage Curve Output Test

Only by vapor amount and taste experience, it’s too subjective to evaluate the actual wattage output. So I connect the electrode to  ampere meter and voltmeter to test the output wattage directly, and transfer the actual data to computer via TTL-USB communication module. Then I collect the relative test data and make it into curve graphs. In this way, its output wattage becomes digital.

Let’s see the 230w output. I use a 0.13Ωcoil head and dual full-charged VTC4 batteries for testing, and get the maximum 230w output. Because of direct current discharge, the wattage tends to decrease gradually. However, between the 10s testing zone (10s is the security protection time of this mod), the wattage output is 213W in average, very close to 230w max output.


When the wattage is at 180W, similarly, it decreases gradually from 180w to 161w, and wattage between the 10s time is 170w in average.


When the wattage is at 150w, it has nearly the same output curve.


To sum up: The output of Smok I-Priv mod focuses more on user’s experience at the time of firing. Based on such user habits, the design has made relative adjustment. Usually, its firing time is within 2s. Thus, we can see at the very first 2 seconds, its output is direct and full, and decreases in the following time. Such adjustment is the same as that of Smok X-Priv and Mag. There are reasons to believe that maybe all the wattage output circuits adopt the same output scheme.

Usage Experience

We can see from the measurement data that the size and weight of Smok I-Priv are both outstanding. But since its body is thinned at the lower part and all the edges are processed to be round, it’s actually very comfortable for holding. It’s totally OK for you to operate with only one hand. No matter you fire it with your thumb, index finger, middle finger or what else, it is especially convenient. Regarding its weight, it’s a little heavy. However, for such a mod with strong masculine manner and excellent sense of lines, its heavy weight, instead, increases its sense of quality and solidness. Very different from those light-weighted plastic device.

TFV12 Prince Tank can bring excellent huge vapor experience. The 0.15Ωfinished coil not only brings fierce vapor when the all the airflow holes are closed, but also brings nice taste if you lower down the wattage a little. As a whole, TFV12 Prince is a tank, but it delivers nice taste as a RDA.

If matched with other RDA atomizers, this 230W I-Priv is still powerful enough to power them up, never fading next to any dual-battery mod. Its output modes, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, also bring great joy to those lazy and unwary vapers.

In terms of its voice interaction, it has been stated in the previous text. It’s a great innovation with pretty good user experience.
Objectively speaking, the Voice Control function is more like a piece of work to highlight Smok’s technology. After all, electronic cigarettes are not so complicated that we need to operate it with voice control. But customer needs are always multiple. Just like the song switching function of intelligent speakers, it can be completely realized by pressing the button, but the brand new operation experience brought by voice control is always pleasing the users. From this angle, I-Priv is like a warrior on the front-line. Maybe it’s another milestone of smart ecigs. In this time of next year, on the market, maybe we will see ecigs with Bluetooth speaker, Internet Design, Cloud Data Analysis, Voice for reminding of or following your smoking quitting matter.


In this era of the Big Bang of Science and Technology, as a stylish players, all the aspects of life should be mixed together with science and technology. Smok I-Priv exactly provides you with such a possibility. Voice Interaction brings us a revolutionary and brand new operation experience. Its sensitive and accurate voice recognition makes people fondle admiringly. Adding its pretty appearance and solid workmanship, 230W powerful output, and compatibility with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries, maybe its identity can best proved by the sentence it says when it’s turned on, “Hello Master, I’m Your New Warrior.”

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